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How to make my landing page SEO-friendly?

While creating SEO landing pages, you need to decide whether you want to draw more quality traffic or convert this traffic into sales. You may implement powerful calls-to-action, attractive content and engaging media to your landing page, but it won’t bring you positive results in a search. To accomplish your goal, you need a quality targeted traffic. In this article, we are going to open a secret how to receive more organic (search) traffic and capitalize on all your potential searches.

landing page seo

SEO landing page definition

SEO landing page is a page which is constructed according to search engine standards. It is an appealing to the search algorithms page that receives regular customers flow from search.

Nowadays, a lot of online merchants think that they do not need optimization as their marketing campaign is relatively short. However, a lot of landing page owners finish their marketing campaigns prematurely, mistakenly thinking them to be short-term when they are in reality long-term. Of course, you do not need search engine optimization is you are running a one-time promotional campaign. In this case, you need quick and evident results that can be achieved with the help of pay-per-click advertising. However, if you are running a long-term promotional campaign, SEO promotion is a must-have technique as it leads more quality targeted traffic to your site and makes your landing page more visible on search engines.

Ways to improve my landing page SEO

The landing page may serve as a strong marketing technique to your business, making it profitable and improving your brand awareness. If you decide to build the new landing page or improve the existed one, I advise you to follow these optimization practices:

  • Determine the relevant keywords

The essential part of your landing page optimization campaign is a correct keywords research. You need to select the most relevant to your business niche keywords you want search engines to rank your page. Keywords research is a time-consuming and complicated process. However, you may simplify a process of keywords selection, using free Google Keyword Planner or Semalt Auto SEO tool. There is one ongoing tendency for any source optimization - the more research you conduct, the better results you will obtain. First of all, you need to make a list of the most relevant search terms and then think of the phrases your potential customers may use might type into Google search box with the intent to find a product you provide. Make sure your keywords are not too competitive to receive more chances to rank higher than your rivals.

  • Match content type with user’s intent

Think over the issue whether a content you provide matches your potential customer’s query intent. For instance, if the query demands a certain level of text content or includes intent referring modifier such as “how to,” “where,” “TOP-10” and so on, your landing page should contain the information which can help a user to solve this issue. Make sure you offer an attractive content that visually connects and help a user decide in your favor. In most cases, users make instant decisions based on the landing page format they review. Your landing page should contain some elements that can capture users attention.

landing page

  • Metadata optimization

It is not enough to determine correct key phrases to optimize your landing page. You need to put them strategically on your page. First of all, you need to include keywords in your title tags as it helps search bots to understand what your page is about. A title tag is displayed up at the top of the page in your browser and serves as a business card via the Internet. You need to create an engaging title tag to make your potential customers open your landing page. Moreover, it is significant to include relevant keywords in meta descriptions to give a user an idea of what he will find on your page.

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