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Is it right that Semalt and Kambasoft are one and the same?

I had the same problem in Google Analytics. Now I use StatCounter and everything is ok. Though, unlike GA StatCounter isn’t free.
403 error means they have an incorrect index file on the server. The developers are likely to fix this. Then you can check the site.

I would like to clarify. Let us check where the referral traffic is coming from. There can be several sources:

  • links added by users;
  • affiliate links;
  • guest posts on blogs, social media sharing etc.

Such statistics services as Google Analytics differentiate search and referral traffic. Unfortunately, sometimes errors occur and bots are taken for unique visitors. For instance, the website owners become confused as they noticed robots in their web statistics reports. The users mainly complain about hits from Semalt and Kambasoft domains. Anyway there are other resources either.

Assume that you noticed unusual activity in Google Analytics: visits from Semalt and Kambasoft domains. Do you need to take some actions? How can this traffic affect your positions?

The answer is obvious: bots are not unique users and cannot perform any kind of activity on webpages. Such visits shouldn’t be identified as referral traffic. Bots do not click on links. The source of referral traffic determines the web address of a server where the corresponding resource is located.

Google Analytics (and other free services) can blunder. In this case Semalt and Kambasoft bots were identified as unique users.

No need to worry. The fact that bots have scanned your website can affect neither your bounce rate nor the conversion level. Moreover, this cannot have any influence upon search engine rankings.

The only thing worth thinking in this case is switching to a more quality web analytics service. 

I heard that kambasoft bots distort statistics. Can I block them?
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