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How can I handle Instagram SEO?

No need to introduce this ultra-popular online platform, where every user can feel like a professional program. Here comes Instagram itself, delivering over 50 million photos shared daily. And the standing audience of subscribers on Instagram keeps expanding, as more and more people recognize its unique user experience, purely relevant to the topic of photography, and successfully combining top elements of the best social links. That’s why the idea of Instagram SEO for promoting brand authority, increasing organic traffic flow, or any other digital marketing campaign for the platform is far from being any new conclusion.

Shape up stronger awareness for your brand name

Basically, Instagram offers a handy platform for friends to mutually share photos, available for editing with different effects or filters, as well as ready for embedding with the hashtags allowing target search for every user. Merely any skill in photography can be found here - starting from selfies with some vintage filters, to professional online photo studios. That means having a social account on Instagram can let your business wider advertising opportunities addressing to the potential customers at more individual level.

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Getting started

Running any individually branded account on Instagram is a naturally simple task. However, you should keep in mind the following things before delving into the business. First of all, there’s no need here to publish only quality images representing your brand for every day. The fundamental concept of the service is that the more natural look is given to the image, the stronger response it’s more likely to receive. Just never act in a too official way, as the users will never be attracted with that. Among the most common stuff to do, like thinking over visual solutions and so on, simply don’t forget to embed your newly created profile with a direct link connecting it to your business website.

Say welcome to contests

Holding a photo contest on Instagram is probably the simplest way to reinforce your local online presence, remember every user taking part in your event automatically starts promoting your brand by hashtags and his own followers or friends. And it’s a healthy trend to have a progressively growing number of fans. When applying for hashtags, I recommend to let the audience know the main details a couple of weeks before the coming event. To make your contest more engaging, don’t skimp on offering a reasonable reward to fuel up a real action. Thus, you are going to get a beautiful little advertising without spending a cent, while you can feel the real life and preferences of your target audience.

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Do more, engage more, and organic traffic will grow

The central concept here is thinking of hashtags on Instagram as SEO keywords and meta tags. Remember, a would be “Instagram SEO” needs a pure enthusiasm and creativity to be always involved with your main topics and relevant followers. Just pay enough time for maintaining a schedule for some interesting content posts and feedback comments promptly. No need to worry - original text writings are doing well for Instagram SEO, just like the other traditional means of social media. Note, however, that Instagram is a place for sharing memories, stay up-to-date with the modern trends, and picture-worthy products or services.

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