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How can I increase my website search engine ranking after a website redesign?

In the contemporary world, a business website serves as the greatest marketing tool. A website is your business card in the online world as customers evaluate your products and services through it. Website redesign helps your business be always on trend and gives your potential clients exactly what they are asking. Redesign contributes to generate leads and stay interesting for regular customers. SEO experts advise doing a redesign once in two years to avoid rankings drop. Let us discuss some essential redesign SEO tips that will help to increase your search engine rankings.

increase search engine ranking

Stages of a quality website redesign

The following website redesign steps will help you get to the Google TOP and have a constant flow of new customers. You can implement these strategies whether you are launching a new website or using a different platform.

  • Website platform

When making your site redesign, pay attention to a website platform you are on. The best option, of course, is WordPress as it perfectly serves for change implementations and SEO. However, there are many other quality CMS platforms such as Square, Craft, Space, etc. If you hesitate about platform selection, then refer to CMS platforms reviews. As for me, the most user-friendly platform is WordPress. However, if you can’t do a website redesign by yourself, then look into Square Space.  

  • Market niche analysis

Before starting to do a redesign, you need to conduct a sophisticated marketing analysis to know how your competitors work and what they have already achieved. I advise you to ask for a professional assistance as a market niche analysis requires special experience and knowledge. However, if you decide to make an analysis by yourself, I advise you to use professional tools like Semalt Website Analyzer and Auto SEO. With the help of these tools, you can check your competitors' rankings and keywords they rank for. Ultimately, you can draw conclusions from received data and use some of your rival tactics to prevail your market niche.

increase seo ranking

  • Website enhancements

If you decide to make a redesign, you should first improve weak points on your site as Google takes notice of them when judging a web source for authority. Make sure your website loading speed is high as it is a significant Google ranking factor. If your site does not have a high Google Page Speed score, then you need to make some adjustments to improve it. You can check your website speed using a special Google test. Another point is a content quality. Google appreciates unique and optimized content which is not over exaggerated by keywords. Make sure your content is well structured and up to date. If you have copy pasted and poorly written content, Google will penalize you for it.

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