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How to improve an item’s ranking on Amazon?

If you are an Amazon merchants who considering search engine optimization strategy, you probably mixed up Amazon ranking system and common search engine ranking systems. However, Amazon A9 algorithm works differently and subsequently requires a different approach.  

Generally speaking, merchants that do well on Amazon give their customers what they expect: professional photos, well crafted and well-optimized product description, competitive pricing, excellent sales history and perfect customer services. 

Your Amazon ranking can positively affect your retail success and improve your brand awareness on the web. To make your products visible on Amazon search results page, you should first understand how Amazon rankly differs from traditional search engines and what methods you can use to improve your ranking position.  In this article, I am going to enumerate the necessary steps you can take to improve your Amazon ranking and sales in general. 

But let us first discuss how to differentiate between traditional search rank and Amazon product rank. 

Traditional search rank vs Amazon Buy Box

The traditional search rank is when your products appear when a user searches for a related keyword. This system is standard for Google and other well-known search engines.

Amazon ranking system differs a lot. It uses the Buy Box to rank products. The Buy Box is a section which is placed on the product detail page. The customers click on it to add the item to their shopping cart. If a particular item is sold by somebody else, you must compete to appear there. If you can’t win this Buy Box, your potential customers will not observe your product in a traditional search. If you have a good selling history on Amazon, you won’t have problems winning the Buy Box. 

The effective ways to improve Amazon ranking position

Let us enumerate the substantial steps you can take to improve your Amazon product ranking position in the simple but effective way:

  • Targeted  high-volume search terms

Relevant search terms are the key to success on Amazon. You need to search around a bit to find an accurate search term data. You can implement some professional keyword research tools like Google Trends, AMZ Keyword Planner, or Amazon Retail Analytics to receive data based on a sophisticated market analysis. You can check what terms have the highest click-through rate and conversion to understand what you need to use to attract the biggest amount of potential customers. 

  • Reviews

To generate a lot of positive reviews, you need to have a good sales history and several years selling experience on Amazon. It takes some time to see the results of, but it will help you to build a strong foundation. Moreover, it can be used only with quality products. So, you need to focus on getting as many possible reviews as possible to win the Buy Box and improve your position on Amazon ranking list. Be aware that Amazon restricts all incentivized reviews and make sellers generate only organic feedbacks.

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