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Do you really need https SEO?

Nowadays, a good web security has already become a default quality expected by merely every user browsing on the Internet. Most commonly, the average user making Google search plans to deal with only good encryption and trusted third parties. These factors, however, have already turned into more significant ones, I mean here they are driving the better standards of online interaction, as well as making now https SEO even more important issue.

https seo

The first massive urge calling for https on the Internet was seen as far as 2014. It was initially suggested that all online interactions and communications must be totally secure by default. That means launching the process of unifying https SEO and working on every website general security. But what for now, when 2017 is coming to an end, what does it mean for the Search Engine Optimization? Is it worth switching to https right now? Well, let’s have a brief look below to answer that.

Why Google called for this movement for the moment?

Let’s begin with the very basics. Http stands for a hypertext transfer protocol, while https means secure hypertext transfer protocol. In plain English, both structures are designed for showing and receiving online data, most commonly through a simple web page. The main difference here is that https doing the same tasks was improved with the extra level of data security, backed up with SSL (secure sockets layer) for more reliable data transporting.

From the viewpoint of e-commerce platforms or possibly any commercial doing online, security is more than important for transaction, authentication, as well as verification procedures. It covers the most important pieces of data to be secured, such as credit card numbers, passwords, and other vulnerable personal information. Doing so, https with SSL is great for preventing hackers or scammers from getting that data easily accessed, as if they were doing it at HTTP.

http seo

Based on Google’s recommendations on switching, let’s see a brief list of advantages of https SEO. That way, the process of update is going to be easy and smart decision for every website owner, especially for those running possibly any online business project. Doing so will provide better and safer user experience for your website visitors. At the same time, Google promised to award some additional benefits for https SEO:

  • Improved rankings in the SERPs. The experts recommend switching for https within your overall Search Engine Optimization Strategy, as the new algorithms of Google are emphasizing promoting more secure websites. While transferring for https is most likely to give you just a little direct boost in ranking, it will certainly have a greater impact on better ranking over time.
  • Here https SEO is given an edge with a referral data, as now Google Analytics is even more useful for https-based websites. And saving the security data means that referral incomings will no longer appear as just direct traffic.
  • Undisputedly, feeling safe is an integral part of healthy user experience, especially considering a commitment to buy on your webstore, for example. Make every customer feel secured against any financial damages or data frauds. That way, your website authority, and reputation will become even stronger.

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