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Htaccess SEO - What Htaccess Files Work For SEO?

The htaccess or hypertext access file serves as a configuration file that refers to Linux Apache servers. With the help of this file, online merchants receive an opportunity to manage web server configuration. This file has many uses, starting with cache control and finishing with blocking users. If you can implement htaccess. file to your site wisely, it can significantly contribute to your site SEO. This file may serve as a good deal for tricky optimization issues and improve your ranking on the search engines. Htaccess SEO is a perfect optimization opportunity for anyone who runs their site from an Apache server.

 htaccess seo

Why do I need htaccess.file?

There are a lot of users that come from search to your website. The role of a htaccess file is to connect with your server and provide it with a particular instruction what does it need to do when someone follows your web page link.

If you observe on your site some errors like duplicate content, page errors or broken URLs, you may implement htaccess file to improve these omissions.

To make any amendments with htaccess file, you first need to access the file for editing. Them, login into your FTP directory where you can observe a list of your files, click in the middle and select “Filter.” On the next stage, you need to select “enable server side filtering” and type the following filter command “L-a.” As a result, you will observe htaccess file in the root directory which can be editing any time you need.

How do htaccess.file influence your site SEO?

Your server files configuration will directly result in search engine optimization improvement because your site content will be spotted by more search engine spiders and increase how well your site functions. As soon as you replace your standard files with your own, you will obtain explicit URLs, correct 404 errors replacing them with 301 redirects and eliminate duplicate content. There are numerous significant and useful codes every website owners should know to implement htaccess. File successfully.

How to create SEO-friendly URLs using htaccess.file?

To improve your site position on SERP and attract more targeted traffic, you need to have clear, relevant and SO-friendly URLs. Moreover, your URLs should include relevant keywords and be precise to make users easily memorize them. You may clean up the appearance of your URLs by overriding it on a file-by-file basis because these extensions are used to handle URLs.

Moreover, using htaccess. file you may easily customize your URLs. Upon uploading the new file, the URL will appear much cleaner and serve correctly for search engine optimization purposes.


How to get rid of the trailing slash using htaccess.file?

You have probably observed that many of your URLs have a trailing slash at the end after adding the code for clean URLs. This trailing slash shows a file directory while your URL should only denotes a file. In most cases both of these URL types point to the same content which is a problem for search engines as they do not which one is really actionable and attract them as duplicate content.

However, in this case a htaccess. File may serve as a way out. It will either remove the slash from all URL’s add this slash in order to avoid duplications.

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