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Semalt Presents Four Awesome Plugins To Scrape Web Pages

GitHub is an advanced web scraping program; it is mostly used for computer codes and offers the source code management (SCM) functionalities to its users. It allows you to access a large number of web pages and scrape them as per your requirements. GitHub offers plans for both private uses and free repositories. You can undertake a variety of data extraction tasks with this tool. GitHub has claimed to scrape over 40 million web pages and has served almost 10 million users worldwide.

Four plugins to scrape web pages:

1. Google Plus Authorship:

Google Plus Authorship is a WordPress plugin with lots of features and capabilities. With it, you can scrape as many web pages as you want. First, you have to detect and identify the websites you want to scrape. The next step is to highlight the data or insert the URL of the site, and let this plugin perform its function. It can be integrated with GitHub and scrape up to five thousand web pages in an hour, without compromising on quality. Furthermore, this plugin allows us to add G+ profile pictures to search results, grant authorship to different authors and confirm their authenticity. It has a user-friendly interface and can extract readable and scalable data for you.

2. Feed Delay:

Feed Delay is one of the best WordPress plugins. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and can scrape as many web pages for you as you want. Furthermore, Feed Delay picks up content, scrapes it, and publishes it with proper attribution, thanks to its bots and crawlers for making it possible. Since its launch, Feed Delay has scraped more than three million web pages successfully, and this number is growing day by day.

3. Feed-Scraper Message:

Scraping and data extraction is mainly performed with bots or crawlers, without any oversight from humans. With Feed-Scraper Message, you can not only scrape the desired web pages but crawl your website and improve its search engine rankings. It can be integrated with your GitHub software and is suitable for enterprises, programmers, and webmasters.

4. Copyright Free plugin

It is yet another wonderful WordPress plugin that has a lot of features. With Copyright Free, you can scrape as many web pages as you want. This plugin provides a certificate to show if someone is stealing our content. It is compatible with all WordPress sites and private blogs and gets you well-structured data in no time. Plus, you don't need to possess programming or coding skills and can get benefited from this service anytime and anywhere.

Development of the GitHub platform began in October 2007. Projects on GitHub can be accessed or manipulated with the Git command-line interface. It lets us browse public repositories on a website and performs a variety of tasks conveniently. The above plugins can scrape data from RSS feeds, social media sites, news outlets, travel portals and private blogs. You should create a personal account to scrape data in a desirable format, however public repositories are browsed and downloaded without any account.

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