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How to improve Amazon sales for me as a novice seller over there?

Amazon is a real "behemoth" of the modern online retail sales. It used to be quite surprising, by what had been initially designed and launched just as an online bookstore (over 20 years ago), is now seen as something definitely bigger. Can you imagine over 110 million live shopper visits estimated for that really crowded marketplace? That's why every modern retailer wants to know how to improve their current Amazon sales for even more. 

What should they be aware of? How to improve Amazon sales with more traffic driven to their stores? Which product categories are now the most profitable ones? And so on. As for you, being a novice seller on that really cutthroat-level market competition ruling over there, the issue how to improve Amazon sales is out of the question. Why? Simply because without enough knowledge and tried-and-proven practical skills it's nearly impossible to survive in that really crowded marketplace. That's why below I'm going to show you how to improve your Amazon sales – and drive your product listing to the top of the product search, even if you're still feeling yourself like a novice entrepreneur selling there for the first time ever.

How to Improve Amazon Sales – The Very Basics for Novice Sellers

Considering that Amazon is mainly focused on providing a good shopping experience, no wonder that there is a set of imperative rules for every seller to comply with. Everything is simple – if you don't follow them, you can be easily banned from running your retailing business over there (in the worst-case scenario, you might as well receive a permanent prohibition). So, if you don't want to read up the whole Amazon's seller policies, here is what should be paid your most precise attention. Not to improve your sales on Amazon, but at least to survive over there and start moving the way to your commercial success as the leading seller in your product category.

Main Set of Amazon Rules

  • You should always meet shipping terms and conditions, particularly deadline delivery periods.
  • Maintaining good product ratings and positive customer reviews – is probably the only way of setting yourself as a successful retailer on Amazon to finally become a real big-time seller worth buying with.
  • Keep up a real-time conversation with your clients. Prompt response to any negative feedback, as well as answering probably any customer's questions regarding your service no more than within 24 hours – isn't any sort of luxury. It's a generally accepted practice of customer support to be followed by every active online businessman selling over there.
  • General tracking info should be always provided along to each customer buying with you on Amazon.
  • Every item you have on sale should be backed with a set of compelling images that showcase every side of its everyday usage and common means of maintenance. Note, however, that at least one product image MUST have a white background.

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