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Can you show me how to get backlinks without hurting my rankings?

Before showing you how to get backlinks best way and without earning yourself a severe ranking penalty, let’s delve deeper into the matter. No need to say that you’re supposed to build quality links to pump more search traffic to your website or blog. And there is perhaps the most apparent yet still very broad and overwhelming task to “earn” those deserved backlinks with your content. Therefore, one should always create great content to attract more links naturally, i.e., the safest way possible. But the question remains - how to get backlinks with your perfectly appealing page writings, given that to attract a standing audience and to pull it together on your website or blog, you will already need to have a good link profile - simply for attracting more loyal visitors and letting them link to you?

Content Is the King - Over and Over Again

It means that you should act proactively and start working on your unique and relevant page content right now. But you want to know how to get backlinks safely so that you aren’t worried about those potentially harmful impacts looming over your website or blog, right? Let’s face it - avoiding penalties related to common link building effort is not about your luck - it is all about earning high-quality backlinks only naturally and organically. It means that having a truly natural backlink with a well-made anchor text placed on a trusted and authoritative third-party source relevant to your niche or business industry - will never be penalized. And it comes without saying that any paid, exchange or bulk schemes of link building should be avoided unless you want to raise a red flag with Google and earn yourself a quick and often irreversible ranking penalty.

Here is how to get backlinks of high-quality to enjoy an instantly boosted web traffic - quality does matter not only to feel safe but to serve you well moving your whole project towards its global aims in SEO at scale. So, below I’m going to list you two main approaches that can help with making a sound content - of course, mainly for the sake of link building.

Have a Finely-Tuned Page Content Paying by Cash 

Commit the task to experienced freelancers - try to find the leading professional writers within your general niche. It’s not a crazy thought - after all, having everything in place and specially tailored to your needs is worth paying for. At least for the very beginning, till you gain the momentum and will be able to handle some shreds of sound content without any third-party assistance. Hint: never rush out with too pushy outreach, you’d better act modestly and start a kind email conversation, introducing yourself, your online project, and of course spending enough time to evaluate every promising content writer before hiring.

Become Altruistic - Give Off Your Best Knowledge Paying with Time

Most commonly, when it comes to earning backlinks with your own labor, most of us can wrongly believe that guest blogging is probably the only actionable solution. But that’s not the whole story, I can assure you. Here is a brief list of bullet point for your future reference:

  • Try writing some standard guest posts to have that deserved backlink from bio section. That would be fine for a kickass start, but this route isn’t that effective for establishing a really powerful connection.
  • Consider investing your time and effort in creating the following content types most featured for sharing with and linking to, such as practical guides, your own case studies, appealing infographics, useful spreadsheets, etc. Note: try reshaping a part of your existing content - no need to reinvent the wheel, right?
  • Work persistently to launch a solid online presence on social media not only to promote your linkable and shareable content but to improve your brand name or business authority at the same time.
  • For the most valuable yet hardly gettable backlinks from educational or governmental sites with the ultimately high PageRank and link weight, consider setting up a scholarship, running a contest, or even bold flattery - offer them a specially tailored article telling exactly what they want to hear. Remember, the most valuable and safes backlinks aren’t only money after all.
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