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How to create dofollow backlinks in the right way?

Backlinks are essential for any online businesses. Webmasters are pretty anxious to get backlinks to their web pages because it can contribute SEO efforts and raise a website rank. In this light of the last Google ranking updates, website owners afraid to create low-quality backlinks as it can cause rankings drop and other Google sanction subsequences. That is why all webmasters are looking for high PR web sources to build backlinks on them. The number of such authoritative web sources is limited, and it is tough to obtain link building opportunities from them. However, if it is impossible for your company to establish business relationships with high PR websites, it is not a reason to engage in spammy link building techniques. Instead of it, you should look for other more tricky ways to do high PR backlinks. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain backlinks from PR10 site Wikipedia. 

Over the years, Wikipedia has become a big problem for most marketers as it is almost impossible to overrank this source on Google. However, this everlasting competitor may bring benefit for your business in the form of quality incoming links. Wikipedia can be used by content marketers to both assists with search engine optimization and contribute to the mission of the world’s largest educational source. 

People often misunderstand the role of backlinks on Wikipedia. Most of them think that it is enough to add their link to the “external links” section if the content is relevant to their website industry. However, in reality, it does not give any effect at all. If you have a smart approach to adding your backlinks to Wikipedia, it will bring you a lot of positive results. On the contrary, it can cause many issues, including having your added domain listed as spam and banned from Wikipedia. 

In this article, I will share with you some best practices on Wikipedia backlinks. So, if done correctly, it can still be a great benefit to your site search engine optimization.

How have backlinks changed on Wikipedia over the last decade?

 Wikipedia was launched in 2001 as the biggest educational web source in the world. In that time backlinks purchasing and other spammy link building techniques were not so popular. That is why it was allowed for everyone to create dofollow backlinks on Wikipedia. However, with Google’s heavy weighting of Wikipedia and its backlinks, webmasters were quick up on the SEO effect. Since that time, Wikipedia has changed an attitude to creating dofollow backlinks on its pages. To prevent massive spam attacks and Google guidelines violation, Wikipedia allows placing only nofollow links which do not transfer any link juice. Moreover, Wikipedia creates a backlist with a purpose to block domains they considered spam. 

Even though nofollow backlinks have less effect on SEO than dofollow ones, Wikipedia backlinks are still some of the most highly demanded on a digital market. It can be explained by high PageRank of this source and Google proper attitude to the links from this source. 

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