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Do you know how to do backlinks in SEO best way possible?

No need to say that every webmaster and online business owner should know how to do backlinks in SEO - for pumping more web traffic, and ultimately benefitting from the top ranking position on the SERPs. But what makes a SEO-friendly backlink profile of every website or blog? Cautious and knowledgeable monitoring, verification, and quick-fix procedures so that the original potency of every valuable backlink becomes fully controllable to be always adjusted on short notice. In simple terms, once a backlink started losing its value, it should be either reworked at once or immediately removed. So, how to do backlinks in SEO? Let’s face it - this would be an ongoing process. Taken at scale, it combines general means of link building and constant maintenance with a regular checkup schedule.

how to do backlinks seo

What Makes a Good Backlink

Before anything else, every “good” backlink (otherwise, natural or organic) must come from only real websites, blogs, or any other online sources. Next, the source of a good backlink should have a reasonable score on PR (pagerank), DA (domain authority), as well as PA (page authority). After all, every potential candidate to link with (either website or blog) is expected to have a sound page content, which delivers the actual value to live users.

Ideally, such content must say welcome to sharing on social media. I mean that those boring plain text writings should be reworked more smartly - at least to stay out of the competition - into some eye-catching and informative graphs, charts, infographics, spreadsheets, or any other means of visualization to illustrate everything in the simplest and clearest way. By the way, reshaping your normal page content into something more user-friendly can also become a reasonable decision for your own website or blog. So, investing some time and effort in reshaping at least the longest content, or probably its worst part being too tedious to read and absorb. That way, with some shreds of this user-friendly and so “easily digestible” content you can not only generate more backlinks, shares, mentions, leads and subscriptions - but pump more web traffic after all.

backlinks seo

How to Do Backlinks in SEO

  • rely on a well-formed link building strategy;
  • try to make use of the best experience in digital marketing;
  • have a frequent checkup schedule to monitor your backlinks - both their quantity and link profile quality;
  • write guest articles or blog posts to have them published on some authoritative third-party sources;
  • deal with only highly reputable websites or blogs, which should be fully relevant to your main business topic, market niche, or at least allied industry sector.

Among a rich variety of backlink research and suggestion tools, I tested Semalt Analyzer (Semalt), Open Site Explorer (Moz), and Majestic SEO toolkit on my recently launched ecommerce webshop. After all, it’s only up to you to decide how to do backlinks in SEO, and which online tool to try first. At last, don’t forget that your newly created links might as well appear to be completely useless. Of course, given that you are going to link to a website or blog, which is actually weaker in terms of SEO metrics than your one.

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