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Why do you need to create high-quality PR backlinks to your site?

The most crucial factor in search engine optimization is undoubtedly link building. Search engines use backlinks as website ranking determinants. The more high-quality backlinks point to your site, the more chances to rank higher on SERP you get. Dofollow backlinks make it easier for Google to determine an authority of the web page and its rank. That is why to improve your site position on search result page and attract more targeted traffic; you need to make an emphasis on high PR website backlinks. 

This short article is designed to show you how to get high-quality PR backlinks to your site. But first, let me explain to you what are the dofollow backlinks.

Dofollow backlinks and their role in traffic generation

Dofollow backlinks are the external links from different websites pointing to your web source. These links are also known as inbound or external links. These links allow passing a link juice from one source to another. When Google bots are crawling your site, they refer not only to the onsite information but also to the offsite signals such as external links. If these links are dofollow, then search bots will count a link juice coming from them. High-quality PR backlinks will have a significant effect on the way search engines see your site. 

That is why when you want to create your links, it is smart to concentrate your link building efforts on sources that allow you to build do-follow links. As a result, these high-quality, authoritative links will improve your page rank and raise your brand authority.

What are the ways to get high-quality pr backlinks?

There are numerous different ways how you can get dofollow links to your blog. However, we need to focus only on high PR backlinks. Getting them is not that much easier as you think. So let us discuss more detailed how and where to get dofollow backlinks.

  • Forums backlinks

To acquire quality and organic backlinks, you need to participate in forum discussions. You need to be an active user of relevant to your niche forums and leave useful, witty and reasonable comments under each new discussion theme. However, do not always try to be the first in a discussion not to look suspicious for admin. Forums are a great place to promote your business, create new contacts and increase your brand reputation. At first, you need to comment at least eight topics without adding your backlinks, and only then start building some organic promotion. However, you should not be persistent and rude.

  • Blogger reviews

You can promote your business by reaching out to other niche related bloggers and let them review your products or services. So, first of all, you need to find the right blogs to create relevant links that bring you targeted traffic. Pitch only relevant products to bloggers. Otherwise, you are risking to develop negative impression of your brand. Then find a way to contact the bloggers. As a rule, the place their contact information in the header of their blog. You can write an email or contact with him or her through LinkedIn. If you obtain a positive response, then it's time to pitch your products. You need to select the best products you have to create the correct impression of your brand.       

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