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What high PR sites can help you to build backlinks?

Despite constant search algorithm changes, backlinks stay essential for website rankings. It is still essential to create backlinks on high PR sites to boost your site rankings and strengthen your presence on the web. Now, Google ranking algorithm serves quite simple - the higher the number of quality backlinks pointing to your site, the more relevant your web page is. 

However, you need backlinks not only to improve your site search engine optimization. They help to enhance your brand awareness and bring more natural traffic from highly relevant sites. 

To have a good link profile, you need not only working hard to create new inbound links to your site but also tracking links you rarely use to find and eliminate those links that can be harmful to your business. 

In this article, we will discuss how to find high PR sites for building dofollow backlinks there. Moreover, we will consider how to create a winning link profile and remove harmful inbound links from it. 

How to get beneficial high PR backlinks for your site?

You need to start by looking at your competitor’s traffic sources. Everything you need at the bottom line of links generation is to search the web for your targeted keywords and observe which websites rank the highest. 

To check the top ranking sites for a specific market niche competitor, you can use Semalt Web Analyzer or Similar Web tool. Once you have found a web source top referring inbound links, you need to try replicating these links and get this valuable traffic to your site. 

As a rule, good backlinks come from quality and proven products or services. That is why you should also promote your business on social media and raise the number of loyal to your brand users. Utilizing a special automated software, you can check the mentions of your brand on social media and replace these remarks with backlinks. 

Generally speaking, backlinks serve as a website power and reputation indicators. That is why if you provide your potential customers with quality products and services as well as with useful content, people will talk about you and link to your site. As a result, you will obtain a lot of organic link juice and positive brand perception. 

How to manage your site online reputation?

If you would like to have a constant traffic flow and generate leads, you need to manage your online brand reputation. If you have some negative reviews about your business on the web, put your time and efforts into fixing your customer problem instead of trying to remove this negative feedback. You need to respond to all negative feedbacks and find what went wrong. If a problem was from your side, you need to improve it and provide a customer with a significant discount or compensation. 

As a rule, unsatisfied customers change their mind after that and revise their reviews, sharing what you did and turning a bad situation into a better one. 

That is why you need to work hard to satisfy customers instead of building links. The more loyal to your brand users you have, the more high quality backlinks you can get.

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