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What are the simplest ways to get high PR SEO backlinks?

In the light of the last Google updates, a lot of webmasters tend to believe that backlinks can’t bring any power to a website. Yes, 2012 year brought a lot of changes in link building world. A lot of web sources that were engaged in fraudulent link building techniques lost their rankings. However, Penguin update was not designed with the purpose to lower the value of backlinks for search engine optimization. The primary goal of this update was to change the ways of obtaining link juice. Those who have managed to adapt to the new rules, create quality link profiles using only organic link building techniques. 

That is why there is no doubt that link building still plays a significant role in search engine optimization. Moreover, it is one of the most important ranking factors and a vital part of any marketing strategy. Users tend to purchase stuff from a brand that is popular on the web. To raise your brand awareness and authority on the web, you need to build as much link as you can. However, you need to make sure all your SEO backlinks come from high PR websites as people tend to believe to though influencers. Being mentioned by favorite web sources in your niche is one of the best ways to gain your client's trust. 

In this article, we will discuss some practical link building strategies that will help you to create high PR SEO backlinks through content creation and distribution. As my personal experience shows a link building strategy which is based on content management principles can increase social shares and raise the number of incoming organic backlinks.

Ways to obtain high PR SEO backlinks

Every online business that wants to stay close to potential customers needs to have a strong social presence. Considering customer feedbacks is extremely important for any online company that wants to satisfy its customer needs. 

This link building company is quite simple for links generation. You can create new links by reaching out with your comments, feedbacks, and suggestions. You should find web sources that have sections dedicated to feedbacks and publish your feedback there. 

Moreover, you can benefit from using some online review sites such as Amazon Customer Reviews, Trustpilot, Which?, ConsumerReports, and so on. These online platforms serve to connect companies willing to receive customer feedback and those looking to provide it. Utilizing this link building technique, you obtain a lot of chances that your feedbacks will be published in the customer feedback section or even on the main page. 

You can leave either testimonial in a couple of sentences or detailed case study. Anyway, you need to be specific, truthful and sincere. Try not to overprice company because your review may look like an advertisement. Make an accent on product’s features rather than company benefits. If your case study provides relevant and valuable insight and present real benefits of the particular product or service, then most likely your feedback will be published with a link to your domain to verify you as a real person. 

So, as a result, you will obtain relevant high PR backlink without spending money and efforts.

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