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Is there any proven way to build high PR authority backlinks for e-commerce?

Let’s face it - building high PR authority backlinks has never been an easy task, particularly regarding e-commerce webstore. The thing is that now most of the old style techniques are failing to perform so fine. What’s more - that could be even harmful to your e-commerce project. So, below I’m going to list several proven frameworks with content and basic means of successful outreach to finally get high PR authority backlinks for your webstore. Here they are - definitive guides, expert roundups, and guest blogging.

But before anything else, let’s check it out once again - what e-commerce content marketing stands for. Remember, SEO often tells us that quality content is the king, right? So does link building! I mean it’s not just about creating a sound content. To earn high PR authority backlinks with your content, you need a plan like this:

high pr authority backlinks

  • identify your content goals - choose between traffic and conversion;
  • think about your “ideal client,” his needs, sentiments, and intentions;
  • look for the industry influencers and outreach them;
  • shape the most relevant content and make it visually appealing;
  • don’t forget to work on content optimization before it goes live;
  • promote and repurpose the main shreds of your content;
  • make a recurrent posting schedule for future publications.

Ultimate Definitive Guides

Nothing is more helpful to build high PR authority backlinks than a well-made and properly researched complete definitive guide. I mean that when someone needs to hear the real voice of the industry - why it shouldn’t be you after all? All you need here is to invest some time and effort to create one. Don’t feel disappointed, however, as you don’t actually have to become a unique voice. Just think of yourself as a tutor or curator - pull everything together and give people only best of the best. If you are still considering this rather serious investment of your time, I assure you that over time a solid guide will bring you natural high PR authority backlinks in the longer run.

Expert Roundups

Expert roundups are not only a proven way to get high PR authority backlinks but perform a successful outreach and build stronger relations with your target audience. And everything is much simpler than you might think because the trick is to select the right and narrow issue or problem. Next, choose a couple of questions for your experts to answer. That way, keep in mind that your aim is to provide a detailed answer or step-by-step solution to a certain issue. Once it is done - simply invite input from the industry-related experts, and you’re done.

authority backlinks

Guest Blogging

Creating a high-quality content specially tailored for online publications has always been a sure way of receiving some high PR authority backlinks. Much like with the old school article marketing, guest blogging is a mutually beneficial relationship that always gives a lot of opportunities to both sides. There is where your main content frameworks come into play. And all you need here is to develop a positive relationship with your target industry influencers, make them love your content, post it, and of course get a couple of valuable high PR authority backlinks to your website.

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