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What is your SEO advice on Google penalty?

There are different digital marketing techniques used to achieve better online visibility for the website. One can find different techniques used by marketers to check it. Since most of schemes rely on optimization aspects, many companies benefit from SEO tactics doing right content marketing and social media marketing. These methods can be divided into 2 realms: white hat SEO and black hat SEO. What’s the difference? In plain words, white hat SEO follows rules of the game to support your website with more credible organic traffic coming just from real people, not bots or fake links.

google penalty

Unlike black hat SEO, well-known for using shady techniques, which involve spamming, creating fake referrals, using bots to imitate actual visitors, and many other violations. As a result, black hat SEO can cause hard penalties by search engines. For example, SEO penalty for using black hat SEO can lead to ranking demotion, or even cause the whole website be completely de-indexed from the search results.

Let’s look through the basic 2 types of Google SEO penalty:

Major spam issue

Google will impose spam penalties when search engine crawling bots detect spam links on your website.

Non-unique content 

It means that having irrelevant content for your website has nothing to do but reduce your rankings.  Remember, Google awards better ranking relying on the content quality. That’s why you should have only original and informative data as your content.

Action plan when your website gets Google SEO penalty:

First of all, getting SEO penalty it is not the end of the world yet. Most penalties have a certain period of validity, which may vary pending on the violation issue. So no not panic beforehand. You’d better look deeper into the actual reasons that caused these penalties.

seo penalty

Short checklist of tips to get assured against Google penalty:

No-follow links

You can add a no-follow property to all outgoing links, in which credibility you are not certain.

Reject inbound links

This task can involve altering the content in other websites. You should carefully investigate the nature of occurring penalties. I recommend to have a check for your backlinks quality using tools like Backlink Quality Check.

google seo penalty


Yes, it will be a hard task to fully recover from Google penalties. Those websites unfortunate to be penalized will have to spend much time and efforts to get their rankings back. The worst thing that might possibly happen is full de-indexation of the website. In this case, a website owner has to materially start his online doing all over again.

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