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What first page SEO tips can improve my site rankings?

Nowadays, the phrase “to google something” has been incorporated into a full rotation. Every day, users from all over the world conduct more than 3.5 billion searches with an intention to buy or order something. According to the statistical data, the third part of buyers searches when making a purchase decision. Usually, people search before making a purchase. So, online merchants have all chances to boost their revenue and improve brand awareness placing their business online. If you still not place your business online, you are losing out your opportunities each minute.

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However, a website launch is only the first stage of a long journey. Unfortunately, there are a lot of domains that leave behind the scene and do not earn even a cent from their online presence. It can be explained by a high competitiveness in a digital market sphere where old and perfectly executed websites firmly ingrained on the first SERP positions. However, it is worth to try to over smart your leading competitors by increasing your online visibility. The best option which can help you to attract quality traffic is search engine optimization.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of website optimization according to Google search standards in order to make it competitive among other sites. There are two ways of SEO - on- and off-site optimization. On-site is everything related to your inner site elements improvements such as content writing, interlinking, site navigation, SEO-friendly design and metadata optimization. Off-site optimization refers to link building strategies and other traffic generating techniques such as SMM or e-mail marketing.

To get to the first SERP page, you need to be aware of SEO principles even if you are hiring an online marketing company to do this task for you.

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How a first page SEO works?

Search engine optimization is a process of increasing your business website’s ranking and increasing your brand awareness. If you know how to implement optimization services to your site correctly, then most likely you will rank on the first Google search result page. However, you are up against the numerous competitors on Google SERP. So, you need to understand that conducting an SEO campaign is not that simple. Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis to show the most relevant sites on the TOP and penalize general standard violators. According to the current SEO game, those websites which earned a high “trust” appeared on the first 10 Google positions. Moreover, SEO enables to improve user experience with a site. It is another Google rank factor. The most common requirement these days is to have a high quality and relevant content on your site that can help users solve their search issues. Moreover, you need to make your site responsive to different mobile devices. It is another leading Google ranking factor which is MUST get to the TOP position. One more search engine optimization technique you cannot ignore is link building. It is the only way to increase website authority in the eyes of Google. Make sure you put your site links on the reputable domains which exist on the market more than two years. To avoid falling into Google’s bad graces, stay up-to-date with the latest updates and requirements for websites.

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