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What is the best way to earning external backlinks for SEO?

Let’s face it - building external backlinks for SEO is one of the core components that can drive your website or blog to better exposure in online search. But before you start, consider this ugly truth about building them in search engine optimization. So, make sure you are ready with the following basics before you can reasonably proceed with earning external backlinks for SEO:

  • You should have your website or blog well-optimized on the technical level.
  • You should build a solid site architecture.
  • You should invest your time and effort into a purely unique content that delivers value.

Here are some of the best ways to earn external backlinks for SEO:

1. Choose the right link checker tool, such as Semalt Analyzer, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Moz’s Open Site Explorer - I tested them on practice for a couple of websites and blogs. Work well on fixing all technical errors that can impact good user experience by the following patterns:

  • Page loading speed.
  • Mobile responsive web design and user experience.
  • Duplicative web page content, as well as duplicate Metadata.
  • 302 redirects and redirect chains.
  • 404 errors and the rest of canonical errors.
  • Wrong use of external backlinks and SEO directives (e.g., noindex, nofollow).

2. Focus on the user’s needs, rather than just manipulating with Google’s search ranking algorithm. I mean here that your content MUST bring real value and please the user. That way, investing your time and effort in building external backlinks for SEO - earning them naturally with your content - make sure you don’t have at least the following problems:

  • Your content fails to please the real user (too long or boring writings, that would hardly appeal to the main needs of live searchers).
  • Outdated content (remember - your website or blog is expected to play nice with it and help the user more than your niche competitors).
  • Not enough in-depth data research (of course, having much authority could be fine to find yourself in the top of Google’s search, but it’s still definitely not enough to win).
  • Lack of readability and personality (consider creating your own case studies, eye-catching spreadsheets, infographics, and any other valuable content appealing to your target audience).
    Poor visual appeal (make it easy for reading with bullet points, fine headings, and descriptive lists, use only bearable blocks of text writings, compelling headings, and images, as well as visually appealing fonts and fitting backgrounds).

3. The only way to earning external backlinks for SEO organically is building relationships. Let’s face it - your website or blog isn’t a distant island separated by the ocean waters. Only well-built connections and healthy relations can lead to earning more powerful backlinks and getting widely spread on the Web. To benefit from the process running in a nearly self-driven manner consider the following:

  • Giving off much with your content can let you not only receive more backlinks pointing to your website or blog in return but will help your website or blog generate more leads, shares, follows, etc. 
  • Establishing tight and mutually benefitting relations with the industry influencers and top bloggers. Never limit yourself to that annoying and commonly useless outreach via cold emails.
  • Writing some well-thought and purely relevant comments on top visited blogs or the most popular websites in your business industry or market niche.
  • Turning your website or blog into a fairly deserving one, worth receiving those valuable backlinks for sure. I mean you can do a favor with your own articles, posts or valuable guest blogging on some hottest or the most demanded topics - just to promote your content naturally and become visible for as many interested users on the Internet as possible. 

For conclusion, remember that your ultimate aim is to enjoy countless comments and shares via popular social media - just within hours after publishing the most recent update, a fresh shred of content, or a brand-new product or service. So, I recommend delving into a broad subject of Content Promotion for your future research. That will always pay off, I'm sure.

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