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What are the ways to get more quality and organic backlinks to my EDU website?

EDU backlinks are those that obtained on web sources with EDU extension. They are based on netlinking strategy and distinguished by their value and trust. EDU is restricted TLD, and organizations have to be an accredited postsecondary educational institution to postulate for it. To the biggest amount of website owners, .edu and .gov backlinks serve as the high priority quality domains. However, in the search engine optimization industry, the links from these domains mean much more. While many webmasters still discuss the fact that Google has a special attitude to edu. site backlinks, we can confidently claim that sites on .edu domains possess quality, trust, and authority, every link builder is looking for.

edu backlinks

However, landing .edu backlinks without referring to fraudulent spammy techniques or restoring to forum profiles can be quite tricky. In this article, you will find some actionable strategies you may use to get .edu backlinks.

How .edu can backlinks contribute your search engine optimization?

Before we start talking about ways to get .edu backlinks to a website, we should take a closer look at the value and power .edu backlinks possess.

You have probably heard that webmasters theorize that Google values .edu backlinks merely because they come from .edu domains. However, it can be a proof of their authority. Some search engine representatives claim that .edu domains do not get credibility additionally from Google. That is why it seems pointless to work hard on getting backlinks from these domains. The better variant is to craft compelling and research-based content that will be shared among users organically.

In reality, the real value and authority in .edu backlinks come from the same source as any other reputable site on the web. Google highly evaluates these domains as they have been around for a long time and have many quality and relevant web sources that point to them. Due to these facts, many of these websites are viewed as authoritative by search engines and this where the power in building backlinks from them exists.

Ways to find .edu backlinks opportunities

To build this powerful backlink, you should first find the suitable and relevant to your market niche .edu domains. The list of the domains you will get depends on the link building practices you are employing. On the initial stage, you may implement some advanced search modifiers to make up a basic list of target sites. For instance, applying a particular modifier such as “” will provide you with more relevant search results. Moreover, you may use these modifiers to get an even more precise answer on your query, finding targets for your niche. It is worth to note that building .edu backlinks, you should think about the relevance and value of your targeted audience. You need to focus on particular places that would make sense and add value to your domain. Following these guidelines, you will get build truly powerful backlinks.


Tactics you may use to get powerful .edu backlinks

  • Local link building

The most simple and straightforward way to get quality backlinks is to start with local research. If the site you are building links to is local, you may start trying to get in contact with local educational companies, schools and so on. While conducting this research, pay attention to such sections on local websites as “Local Resources” and “Local Businesses.” It is your opportunity to be included in their listings.

  • Entice them with discounting programs

Another efficient way to get quality .edu backlinks is to offer discounts to provide universities and schools with your staff at a special discount price. As Google penalizes those who engage in link purchasing activities, you should not be exchanging discounts for links. Instead of it, you can establish mutually beneficial relationships with school and college representatives, and they will most likely be happy to link to your site.

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