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Why do you offer ecommerce SEO packages? Is there a difference?

As a rule, technically-wise SEO standards don’t really differ depending on the niche. However, when it comes to e-commerce, there is, indeed, a difference.

  • Duplicate content does more harm to e-commerce websites as each page is particularly essential for conversion and user experience;
  • Lack of proper navigation also delivers devastating results because if users can’t find necessary products and buy them easily, it defeats the purpose of your website;
  • E-stores are more complicated to crawl, which requires you to be particularly attentive to your robot.txt file;
  • An ecommerce site needs a specific microdata to fit its niche.

ecommerce seo packages

   These are only the few of the most common issues, which  ecommerce site owners have to face. It’s worth mentioning that Google also has a specific view on e-stores and what makes a good ecommerce website. As have started getting more customers engaged in e-commerce, we realized that our FullSEO and AutoSEO packages cannot fully satisfy these particular needs. For that reason, we developed and implemented an ecommerce SEO package for such clients.

What do ecommerce SEO packages include?

  • Adding descriptive and informative main content  – the potential buyers heavily rely on original and unique product and category descriptions which introduce the ingredients, materials or specifications within a well-written and brief text, accompanied by detailed photos and buyer reviews. Such category and product pages rank higher than pages which contain copied descriptions or don’t have descriptions at all.
  • Inserting supplementary content – incorporating additional related content is a good way to build up interest. For instance, if the client has product-related videos, we add them to the product page. We also suggest all our e-store owners add pricing calculators or similar useful plugins to their site for their users’ convenience. 
  • Improve indexing – as multi-page websites are harder to crawl, an e-store must have a corresponding robot.txt file and microdata to fully disclose its niche specifics to  search engine crawlers.  
  • Error-fixing  –  including title tags and descriptions is critical for ecommerce sites as pages which have snippets in search results show higher conversion rates. It is important to add a  title tag and a meta description to the each page of the e-store and within the ecommerce SEO package our experts do it manually.  
  • Link building  – bad broken links are one of the major factors which pull ecommerce sites down. The package concentrates on removing low quality links and finds reliable sources from Semalt’s affiliate network.
  • Targeting low-frequency keywords – low-volume search phrases are the e-merchants bread and butter. As they are used by the visitors, who are ready to buy a particular product, ensuring that they will find the client’s site first is the priority of our ecommerce SEO package. For that reason, it is heavily focused on boosting the rankings of low-frequency keywords.

seo for ecommerce

Is it always necessary?

The practice has proven that simply adding product lists and descriptions from the manufacturer is not enough to bring traffic and sales. E-stores are more dynamic than regular sites and blogs, and each update requires numerous complicated SEO adjustments to avoid any potholes, which can result in a conversion drop. All these possible issues are covered by our ecommerce SEO package allowing e-merchants to be assured that their online shop is taken care of properly.

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