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Are there any universal e-commerce SEO tips?

SEO is an integral part of e-commerce websites development and promotion. There is no possibility to sell something online if your site is invisible to your potential customers. Search engine optimization is the most effective to tell everybody about your business and attract more and more targeted traffic that will naturally convert into sales. The high you rank on search engines, the more quality traffic and customers you will drive to your domain. There is no universal optimization approach for all e-commerce businesses. Each website owner should carefully assess his site to develop a customized promotional campaign. In this article, you will find some universal SEO tips which most likely give you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your market niche.

e-commerce seo tips

You should devote the initial stage of your optimization campaign to SEO basics. It includes keyword research, content writing, metadata optimization and product page optimization. These search engine optimization essentials will help to get on the same playing field as your market niche competitors. However, if you would like to go beyond and get to the TOP of SERP, you need to implement a unique e-commerce SEO tips.

E-commerce search engine optimization tips

  • Make a quality product descriptions

To engage your potential customer and make them order your staff, you need to create quality and beautiful product descriptions. You need to avoid everything that is given to you from your manufacturer. Tedious manufacturer descriptions will only discourage users from a purchase. You need to make people dream about your products or services by describing them in the best possible light. You need to focus on visual and written storytelling, developing a voice for your company.

  • Create attractive category pages

Category pages look attractive and significantly improves website structure and navigation. It is one of the best ways to stand out concerning search engine optimization. You need to link your category pages from the main page, suggesting a narrow search for your site visitors from the start. Your e-commerce site may include the following categories - for women, for men, for sport, for children, for babies, gifts and so on. It is advisable that your site categories have storytelling and other useful information to guide your potential customer's behavior.

e-commerce seo

  • Create videos with products in action

To perfectly complement your product pages, you need to create quality marketing videos. These videos do not only help you improve your e-commerce site rankings by additionally delivering in Google searches, but also give you a possibility to publish them on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Such videos are a perfect way to improve user experience and show them particular details of the products you retail. Moreover, you need to show the product in action to help customers visualize themselves using the product and see what the item is best for.

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