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Semalt – How To Download All Files From A Folder On A Website?

Almost all content management systems(CMS) or website building desktop software create an image folder in order to save all the pictures of a site. It is an excellent idea from a webmaster perspective, but not a cool one in this digital world where anyone can access the information at any time. There are times when we want to download all files from a folder on a website, but don't find suitable services on the internet. If you have been facing the same problem for weeks, the following tools could ease your work to an extent.

Please bear in mind that the FTP clients can only handle the FTP protocol and cannot download the files from the HTTP web pages. It means you cannot use or try these services with an HTTP web page.

1. Download Managers:

One of the easiest ways to download the file is by clicking on the "Save link as" in Firefox or Google Chrome, or "Save target as" in Internet Explorer. However, if you want to download multiple files from the same directory, including their folders and subfolders, then this option will not be good. In such circumstances, you should opt for Download Managers. This service is suitable for frequent downloader and can work as a powerful Firefox add-on (just like DownThemAll and FlashGot). For downloading the files in a web directory, you just have to click on the space of Download Managers, and it will automatically download the files, allowing you to pick them up once the downloading is complete.

2. Wget:

Wget is one of the best and most reliable tools to download a file easily. This free and powerful downloader comes with lots of features and options such as resume support, FTP/HTTPS support, and recursive download. You can perform multiple tasks at a time with Wget and don't need to compromise on quality. Its latest version is VisualWget that makes it easy for you to extract images and video files. You just have to enter the URL you want to download data from, choose the location where you want to save the files, and click on the Download button to get started. If you want to download multiple files, folders, subfolders, and subdirectories, you should click on the Recursive Retrieval option and tick the OK button to start downloading them simultaneously.

3. Offline Browsers:

It is one of the best and most famous tools on the internet. Offline Browsers is primarily used for downloading URLs of a site for offline viewing. It helps download both filtered and unfiltered files and converts the live hyperlinks to offline version pointing. Plus, it helps download the HTML files to your hard drive and is a good alternative to HTTrack. You just have to enter or paste the URL that you want to download and click on the Next button. If that URL requires some authentication, you would have to click on the Add URL button and enter the username and password. Then you have to click on the Next and Finish buttons respectively.

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