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Semalt – What is Better For Content Scraping?

Content scraping is a process of extracting content from different sites and storing it in the structured, easy-to-use format. The value of a good content scraping tool like Octoparse and Content Grabber cannot be neglected. We can use these tools to specify and collect the large amounts of content that may be dynamic in nature. Usually, the data available on the internet is unreadable and unstructured. A good content scraping tool helps transform it into a structured, readable and scalable format so that we can easily use the content or data on our own sites or blogs.

Content Grabber vs. Octoparse:

It takes hours to manually capture and scrape the data, and you cannot perform multiple tasks at a time. However, both Octoparse and Content Grabber help you automate the content scraping process and capture the data in a fraction of the time.

These data scraping tools interact with different websites and blogs in the same way as you do with a web browser. In addition to displaying the web content in a browser, both Octoparse and Content Grabber save the data to a local file or a database as per your requirements.

You can easily configure the content scraping agents and can schedule every agent on a daily, hourly, weekly or monthly basis to ensure that you are gathering the right content from the internet. Thankfully, both of these tools harvest data from the web and deliver the content in a structured form. Content Grabber supports ORACLE, MySQL, OLE DBE and SQLSever, while Octoparse supports formats such as CSV, JSON, XML and Excel spreadsheets.

They enable us to target dynamic sites and can scrape content from the AJAX-enabled websites too. Content Grabber is best known for its machine learning technology, and Octoparse has a cutting-edge technology to ease your work. These content scraping tools are capable of transforming the internet into the structured data source and open up different business opportunities for corporations and individuals.

What Could Content Grabber And Octoparse Do For You?

Octoparse offers most of the content scraping power and is easier than Content Grabber. This tool has been around for quite some time and has various satisfactory users worldwide. On the other hand, Content Grabber is a relatively new tool that is designed to target dynamic sites and work at the high level in which the advanced features of Octoparse are bundled together. It's quite tough to say whether Octoparse is better or Content Grabber.

Both of these tools are great visual scrapers and have a simple-and-click UI. The users browse the internet and click on data elements for collecting useful content using Octoparse and Content Grabber.

Just like web bots and spiders, Content Grabber and Octoparse make it easy for you to index your web pages and improve the search engine rankings of your site. Furthermore, you can instruct these tools to scrape content from complex and dynamic web pages, and they will perform their functions instantly and comfortably.

At a glance, the main difference between these two services appears to be their pricing. Octoparse packages are divided into two main types: Standard ($89) and Professional ($189). Content Grabber is also a paid service that comes in three editions, ranging from $449 to $2495

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