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How can comment backlinks improve my site rank on SERP?

You have probably heard a lot of horrible information about building comment backlinks and negatively predisposed to this technique. However, I want you to take a moment and approach this strategy with an open mind. Despite the bad reputation of this strategy, utilizing blog commenting as a backlink strategy can help you to establish good relationships with your potential clients and build your brand authority within your market niche. However, you need to have a correct approach to creating comment backlinks to obtain a good SEO result. Otherwise, you will look suspicious in the eyes of search engines and can even get penalties for spammy link building techniques. 

In this article, we will discuss new ways of obtaining link juice from comments. You can forget everything you have read before. The approach we are going to share with you does not look like any other link building techniques that require using dofollow, nofollow, search terms or any other things you used to hear. 

The new way of getting comment backlinks

Let us discuss what stages you need to follow to obtain quality comment backlinks within a short period.

  • Find the right blogs

On the initial stage of your link building campaign, you need to find the right blogs for generating your links there. You need to conduct your market niche research and find web sources that receive some excellent traffic and engagement. It is not obvious to look for the best industry blogs. Instead of it, you can find middle PR blogs or forums with some significant amount of active commenters on it. 

To find what you need, you can only insert a particular query into Google. For instance, if your business is served in the medical field, you can ask a search engine for a query “TOP medical blogs” or “forums for physicians.” As a result, you will provide with a list of the TOP blogs based on some social shares and comments those blogs receive.

Once you have found suitable for your business needs web sources, you can continue to branch out by the following links from commenters to their blog. It will help you to increase your base of partner sites.

  • Organizing your blogs

Use RSS subscriptions in Google Reader for keeping track of the blogs in your industry. Create different folders for each topic website. Streamlining this process, you will observe which categories have posts that have been updated recently. 

  • Try to be first

It is not advisable to build comment backlinks in the annoying forum way merely writing irrelevant, spammy comments. You can be the first one who leaves a comment under the post, but only after comprehensively reading it and thinking over the witty and reasonable response. If your primary link is engaging and sticks to the point, other commenters will most likely click on it to check who you are. That is why if you are the first, your changes are higher than if you are getting to the party after numerous other commenters.

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