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CloudFlare vs. Semalt Analytics — what is better?

How can you compare them? Semalt is SEO, CloudFlare is used to reduce page load time.

Correct! Semalt works with web analytics and helps webmaster with website promotion.

CloudFlare does different job. Their developers offer a few useful options:

  • caching
  • protection from spam bots
  • native web statistics service

Due to caching, operation of the website speeds up. Besides, if a server is down, a user can watch a cached copy of the website for some time.

CloudFlare system is designed to protect a server from overload, preventing spam bots from visiting a website. At times this option doesn’t play in favor of a webmaster. Often real user’s IP will get blocked, and the user can jump to the website only after entering captcha. A lot of users won’t do that and will simply leave the webpage whereas we aim at getting the best possible search traffic.

Monitoring of web statistics deserves special mention. Those who’ve had a chance to test CloudFlare point out austerity of this service. The system provides basic options – website traffic count, statistical analysis, displaying the number of requests and compressed traffic. For free accounts statistics is updated every 24 hours. PRO version allows updating data every 15 minutes, but it is chargeable.

CloudFlare is integrated with Google Analytics. It is not clear why use this service together with Google Analytics. Especially that users complain of inaccurate data. If there is a mistake on part of Google Analytics, it is displayed in CloudFlare report as well. One of sad mistakes is count of search traffic and bots in referral reports. A lot of CloudFlare users faced this issue back in 2012, and it is still topical.

As a sidenote to reports, CloudFlare provides them in graphs and diagrams. While sometimes it is simpler to watch statistics and make reports in charts. Graphs do better for presentations. As a result, we are to search for another tool to collect and analyze data.

It is much more convenient to work with web analytics tools as a single set. Let’s compare CloudFlare analytics with Semalt. It needs to be mentioned that CloudFlare is used for different purposes, monitoring of statistics being an additional option. Website SEO is not available at all.

Semalt is a set of tools of web analytics and SEO for business. It was initially designed to promote websites to the top of Google search. Functions of this service include:

  • rankings monitoring
  • keyword suggestions
  • competitors analyzer
  • website analyzer
  • SEO-optimization

Semalt and CloudFlare are similar in simplicity of operation: there is no need to install statistics counter on the website, it is enough to enter a website address in web interface of the service. It is absolutely safe as long as each user has a personal account protected with a password.

As well as CloudFlare, Semalt generates graphs and diagrams; aside from that a user can watch and download detailed reports in text format.

Here similarity of these services ends. CloudFlare is limited on functions while Semalt provides full range of services for webmasters and businessmen. Semalt offers a few service plans, and the user can form them at his discretion:

  • Analytics only
  • Full SEO
  • Auto SEO

Anyway, statistics with no history recording is available for free. If a user is unhappy with positions of his website, SEO services can fix this situation. With the help of Semalt Auto SEO, website visibility increases by 15% within the first month, and later – by 60%.

Semalt directly influences promotion of a web resource to Google TOP. This service is meant for business use; all efforts of Semalt specialists are aimed at improvement of customers’ profit. Find out more about web analytics and website promotion on Here you can also find pricing information, contact our manager and make an order.

We have come up to a conclusion – each tool should be used for a specific purpose and not be overloaded with odd functions. CloudFlare would be definitely useful for accelerating page load time, but for SEO purposes there should be a dedicated tool like Semalt.

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