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Can you show me how to build business to business backlinks for free?

Much like with any other backlinks for SEO purposes, business to business backlinks are revolving around the same goal - get increased traffic coming to your website directly from organic search. No need to say that backlinks are used by Google probably as the strongest ranking factor. That’s why it’s so necessary to pay enough attention to building high-quality backlinks that are going to support your general marketing and promotion strategy at scale. Let’s face it - building business to business backlinks does take a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, it can be easy just to get started - and gradually move towards taking the lead and dominating your niche in online search. Simply proceed with these surprisingly underestimated routes outlined below. Once you’ve tried them all, feel free to apply for any other reasonable practices to build business to business backlinks to your website. So, here are several pretty simple yet still efficient methods to make your business website stay out of the competition - without spending a penny.

Local Citations and Business Directories

I recommend using local citations, web directories, and online listings as a great “kickass” start for initiating building business to business backlinks. That would be a perfectly fine suitable place to start gaining a broader online exposure for your website. In fact, most of these directory-type services rank very well in the major search engines like Google. So, all you need is to mention your business name with contact data and get that deserved backlink in return. Best examples include Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Bing Business Listing, Truelocal, etc.

Social Media 

These crowded places are extremely useful to set a solid online presence for your business and make your brand name exposed to a wider audience of active users. All you need to grab some links on social media is creating social profiles of your company - and you’re done. Make sure to handle a scheduled and ongoing activity with your business profiles - don’t hesitate to invest some time in writing regular posts to be published with a direct link to your main business website. That way, you can not only get some extra backlinks, but benefit from a reasonably high web traffic.

Press Releases and Guest Blogging

Although these two old-school ways of earning business to business backlinks are too often underestimated for some reason, they can still serve you well. Seriously, you can always find some popular press release websites thirsting for fresh content. The thing is that with a well-written press release on a hot topic related to your business industry or market niche - you can be quickly snapped up with local journalistic and blogging community for insanely rapid and broad public exposure. To spread the world with your press releases best way, I recommend focusing on promoting a brand-new product or service so that a backlink show the way to your main business website for further info. Much like press releases on media, guest blogging is worth spending some time - it will surely pay off! Just get everything agreed with a strong influencer or blog owner - and post your perfectly tailored article to get a backlink in return. Note, that among the other attractive means of link building, guest blogging is a MUST for those looking for high PR backlinks with DoFollow. Just make sure you are going to write for a relevant niche blog with a sufficient PR score.

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