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What are the best backlink tools you can use to get quality link juice?

To get the best possible result from online promotion, a website owner should ask himself what does he want to achieve from it. When you have a particular business goal, it will be easy for you to find the ways to achieve it.

Every prospective business owner who takes his job seriously wants to do it right. By that, we mean - the best service and the best quality. If you decide to establish your business online, you need to have reliable and authoritative services, quality content and well-optimized website design and structure.

best backlink tool

You need to start from the very beginning if you want to get to the TOP. If you start from scratch, the first thing you need to create is quality backlinks for your website. In this article, we will discuss what backlink tools you need to use to get best quality external links to your site.

All do’s and don’ts in link building

Firstly, let us discuss all “don'ts” you need to consider to establish your link building campaign in the best possible way. You should use only reliable and related to your market niche websites to avoid backlinks that can harm your site reputation and cause Google penalties. As a rule, domains that link unreliable content to your web source are spammed. That is why you should look for verified and trustworthy websites. For instance, such web sources as Wikipedia, Forbes, Amazon, Entrepreneur and other the same authority domains have a very high ranking and at the same time make it reliable.

If you don’t want to get penalties from a search engine, you need to avoid hyperlinks that can be related to black hat link building methods. As a rule, these spammy links have the same content, only in different form. It may cause a small percent of diversity on your site as well as content duplications.

To create a winning link building campaign, you need to use some verified ways to get backlinks, such as:

  • Social share and blogging

You can create a business account on one of the popular social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and so on. It is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand, attract targeted traffic from social networks and build quality backlinks to your site. Creating social media marketing campaign, you need to pay particular attention to whom you will provide information. If you want to improve your brand awareness and attract your potential customers to your online business, you need to be oriented on the audience with similar interests which is concerned with your product or services.

backlinks tool

  • Blogging

Blogging is another great way to creating quality backlinks to your site. To achieve good results in this sphere, you need to provide readers with research-based engaging content that will possess some value to them. The links you are obtaining through blogging are representable as you can manage them.

You can promote some widely used searches like scholarships as domains can bring you many potential customers within a short period you can write about some top niche and increase your website popularity at once. 

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