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How to create your own Amazon tracking system?

Having a high product ranking on Amazon is an excellent opportunity to boost your sales as more potential customers will find your products when searching the site. To rank successfully on Amazon, you need continuously track your positions and know exactly how Amazon’s search algorithm works.   

There are 21 Amazon product ranking factors. All these elements can be divided into conversion, relevance, and customer satisfaction algorithms. Conversion rate factors include sales rank, customer reviews, answered questions, image size and quality, price, parent-child products, time on page, bounce rate and product listing completeness. 

Let us discuss some of the most significant Amazon conversion rate factors you need to track to boost your sales:

  • Sales rank

Sales rank is the most significant ranking factor that affects your product position on Amazon SERP. More sales lead to higher rankings, and subsequently higher rankings lead to more sales. Amazon sales rank or in other words Amazon best seller rank is how well a specific product is selling compared to other products in the same category. Sellers pay attention to this metric to check how quickly their products can be sold on this trading platform. This rank can be found in the product details section of the most Amazon product pages. 

  • Customer feedbacks

Another Amazon ranking factor that should be taken into account is customer feedbacks. Both their number and quality are taken into account by Amazon to determine a product rank. The more reviews you have, the higher you'll rank on Amazon search result page and subsequently t21 Amazon product ranking factors the more potential clients you will attract. 

  • Answered questions

By answering all users’ questions, you show Amazon your attitude to this platform in particular, and to your business in general. Moreover, it makes your customers more loyal to your brand. Answered questions are listed at the TOP of the product page and play an essential part in conversion. 

  • Image size and quality

To make a winning optimization campaign, you need to follow Amazon’s image guidelines. You need to upload only quality and live photos of your products avoiding plagiarism and images from Google. You should use high-quality images of a minimum of 1,000 Х 1,000 pixels. Moreover, you need to provide your customers with an opportunity to zoom your pictures. 

  • Price

You need to have a competitive price on your products to boost your sales and attract more potential customers. Moreover, it is a significant Buy Box factor. If you can not provide your potential customers with a reasonable price, you can at least provide them with free shipping. 

  • Time on page and bounce rate

Amazon ranking system is similar to Google one. Amazon bots also pay attention to the average time a user spends on your listing and check a bounce rate of your page to determine a rank of your products. 

  • Product listing completeness

Your product listing should be sufficiently complete to rank higher on search result page. That is why you need to try completing every single field to provide your potential customers with the best search experience.

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