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What are the free Amazon tools do you know?

If you are running your business on Amazon, you should know that there are a lot of fees you need to pay as a Professional Seller. Traditional Amazon spendings include FBA fulfillment charges, monthly plan, Amazon’s referral fee and inventory fees. Those online merchants who just start their path on Amazon can feel frustrated due to the number of charges they need to pay. However, there are some free and quality Amazon Seller Tools that can be beneficial for your online business grow. 

In this article, we are going to discuss TOP free Amazon tools that can raise your brand rank on Amazon search result page and boost your sales. We recommend you to utilize the following tools as they are user-friendly, professional and efficient.

Free Amazon tools

  • The profitability calculator

This professional free tool serves to help online merchants to calculate their overall profit or a profit of the products they are going to sell. This online calculator is easy to use for both FBA and FBM sellers. You can find this online calculator via your Amazon dashboard search. This Amazon free service can provide you with real-time cost comparison between your fulfillment offering for customer orders fulfilled on To correctly calculate your current or future profit, you should first enter your product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN, or ASIN in a search box. Here you have an option to select whether you want fees calculated based on the market you are selling in - USA, Canada, or Mexico. 

Next, you need to select a product that matches the one you plan to sell. It is significant to choose the appropriate category fees because it will apply in the calculation. Here you can fill the numbers for both Your Fulfillment and Amazon’s. When all the empty section is filled out, you need to click on “calculate” button. 

  • Multi-channel fulfillment

It is Amazon FBA program that helps to bring your products to Amazon fulfillment centers. Whether you sell your products on Amazon, your e-commerce site, or other trading platforms such as eBay, MCF tool picks them to your customers on your behalf. As a result, your company will obtain a fulfillment department within a short period. 

If you have a professional selling account, you can even list your Multi-channel fulfillment inventory without selling your products on Amazon. Everything you need is to enter start selling date that is far in the future when you create your product listing. 

With the help of this free Amazon tool, you can obtain returns back to your account at Amazon fulfillment centers. Moreover, you can request to have all your inventory returned to you anytime you want to implement the Removal Order option. 

 You need to select fulfillment by Amazon under the setting tab on your seller account dashboard. Then you should find multi-channel fulfillment settings and click on “edit” button. Here you should enter your brand name as well as your primary website address, telephone number, e-mail, and other contact information.

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