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What steps does an Amazon SEO strategy include?

Amazon is a huge Internet platform that intended for selling large demand goods. Nowadays, it is of the biggest trading platforms in the world which turn the profit for both online merchants and customers. It provides clients with more than forty product categories with million items and brands. Here each seller receives an opportunity to build his business from scratch and earn an unlimited profit. However, it is quite complicated to attract customers to your online store if you are not on the first Amazon page. To improve your business page presence, you need to implement a winning Amazon SEO strategy. Let us discuss what optimization techniques we need to use to improve our Amazon rankings and double revenue.

amazon seo strategy

But first, let us discuss the basics of Amazon search algorithm to understand how we can influence on this system.

Thinks like A9

A9 is the name of Amazon search algorithm which serves almost the same as Google index. Amazon analysts take into account a variety of metrics before giving a user a result to his query. Amazon representatives claim that they start to analyze data before even user types a query in Amazon search box. They take into account traffic patterns, previous customer searches, and Amazon product descriptions.

Amazon algorithm delivers results through several stages:

  • at the first stage, Amazon search bots look for the products in their massive catalog which are relevant to user’s query;
  • at the second stage, search bots sort out the obtained results into an order that Amazon considers as the most relevant to a user.

The primary purpose of Amazon is to direct users to the most relevant products they will most likely order. There are two main groups of factors which determine a product purchase probability:

  • Best-seller-rank

This rank shows a product popularity on Amazon regarding other items within categories.

  • The relevance component

This rank shows how product functional characteristics match an individual user’s query.

Amazon search engine optimization strategy

To make your business profitable and improve your Amazon rankings, you need to fill all primary and additional fields in listing and indicate all required specifications such as package weight, color, product weight, delivery information and so on.

Place your most significant keywords in front of the listing. Moreover, it is advisable to create a description which is not overrun with keywords to make it easily readable for customers.

Your title should include brand name, a serial number, color and other key product features which help customers to find what they exactly need on Amazon.

Insert specific product characteristics which can be used during a search process in a field Subject Keywords. On a page of product description, these features would be organized in the form of a bulleted list.

amazon seo

In a tab ‘More Details’ specify the information about the size and weight of your products. Then save your description. In a few minutes, your product will be accessible to potential customers.

Use all this Amazon SEO strategy to make your business page well ranking and readily available to anyone. If you comply with all my recommendations, your promotion campaign will be winning, and your stuff will bring you a regular income.

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