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Can you help me dominate Amazon search with top seller insight and keyword selection?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive winning guide, or any ultimate action plans to have long-term success with your product listings shown in Amazon search as top seller offers. The thing is that there are too many different components of ecommerce success over there, for example, such as listing and price optimization, shipping and feedback management. Not to mention sourcing, advertising, taxes, as well as the rest of other usually too labor-intensive or maybe really time-consuming stuff. 

Where to Find the Right Focus?

So, let's face it – you can't manage it all alone. In fact, it's all about product achieving high ranking positions in Amazon search every seller has for the main goal over there. But how to get a competitive advantage and take the lead over that crowded online marketplace? Luckily, there are many useful tools and online platforms available either in open access, or via instantly paid accounts and longer-term subscriptions. Nevertheless, there are myriads of different options related to the matter. And it turns the task to choose the best fitting solution into a definitely challenging one. And here is exactly when I'm going to show you some of my top featured and always reliable helpers I used for my own success story in Amazon search as top seller constantly running one step ahead of my closest niche competitors. So, below I'm going to show you a couple of good tools and useful tips to make things much easier, at least when it comes to selling on Amazon like a pro. 

Keywords Can Be Your Strong Competitive Advantage

Every potentially winning retail project on Amazon starts with a well-optimized product listing. In fact, it's the first and probably most important thing to be done if you want to climb to the top of Amazon search as the leading seller in your niche or product category. And every listing optimization (much like with original concept of SEO) begins with quality content and precisely targeted keyword research. Ideally, you should be backed with a valuable competitive insight at the same time. So, before anything else, I recommend trying that good old Keyword Planner Tool by Google. This tool will help you initially get a broad understanding of what keywords and link-tail phrases you should take for your listing title and product description.

Rush Into Amazon Search And Become Top Seller

And here we are finally getting to the point. I mean once you've got a big picture of your niche-specific keywords with a reasonable winning potential, it's time to check out for some ultimate keyword findings of your best successful opponents – and use this competitive insight for your own advantage. To uncover top performing keyword opportunities, I recommend choosing one of these two really killing tools – consider getting supplied either with MerchantKeywords, or KeywordInspector – I found them both extremely helpful for listing optimization that generates actual sells. And let me say it once again – it's just a matter of your choice. Mainly because with their huge-scale international databases these tools can give you a quick pick of currently top popular keywords and search phrases used by the live shoppers buying products on Amazon. At the same time, MerchantKeywords and KeywordInspector can empower you with a far-reaching keyword insight and practical suggestions – captured and pulled together directly from your closest market opponents. That's it! Make artificial intelligence do all that heavy lifting – and you're done.

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