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What Amazon keyword ranking tracker can you recommend for newbies?

If you are fresh in such a competitive and frankly speaking hostile marketplace like Amazon, you are going to face a real challenge. The thing is that it’s not a simple task at all to succeed with your drop-shipping business. And no need to say that beginner sellers actually got even fewer chances to survive on Amazon with their recently landed product listings. Much like with a cutthroat search competition on Google, drop-shipping business success is always rooting from the right pool chosen for the main target keywords. In fact, the very concept of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about content and keywords. Remember, content is the king, right? But in terms of running a drop-shipping business on Amazon, ranking tracker toolkit for keywords is no longer a luxury just giving a certain advantage over you market opponents. 

And not only newbies, but every big-time seller on Amazon is using ranking tracker tools and research software to stay always updated and keep moving one step ahead of the closest competitors. Everything needs a precise and ongoing control – starting with the right keyword research, to product listing optimization and price control. That’s why as a novice seller you’re recommended to proceed with choosing the most suitable Amazon keyword ranking tracker tool, at least to have a solid starting point. So, here is a brief list of top featured options for you to take a decision and finally set up product listings that really sell. Luckily there are a plenty of easy yet still performing tools that are worth trying before anything else. 

List of Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker Solutions Recommended for Beginners

  • The Sonar keyword tool is betting mainly on complex search and indexing algorithms to collect all related data used by the real shoppers on Amazon. While some people say it lacks for some more advanced options, it's multi-purpose performance is exactly what makes Sonar a top featured choice of every newbie, having recently jumped into drop-shipping industry for the first time.
  • Keyword Tool is the second best options to start with and find the right keywords for your product listings – quickly and easily. Moreover – with advanced Pro version available for already skilled players, you can try its basic version for a kickstart, to be shifted towards more comprehensive analysis that needs at least your basic understanding of the field.

  • Merchant Words is the absolute leader when it comes to developing a specific long-tail keyword phrase. The only restriction is that some novice sellers may face the problem of availability in their country or region.
  • KeywordInspector will be your well-formed decision if you want your product listings on Amazon to remain always competitive, given that a monthly fee of something around 40 dollars isn't too hefty cost for your startup.
  • Scientific Seller platform is self-explanatory by name. Note, however, that it's scrupulous enough to take the full hour or even more for each single keyword search. Nevertheless, it's a definitely high-performing solution to get in-depth understanding of keyword ranking on Amazon. Of course, unless you aren't devoted to only fast and responsive keyword ranking tools.

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