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How to find the right SEO consulting services making Google happy?

So, we are going to check that out - is it possible to hire a good company, full-stack agency, or anybody else providing SEO consulting services for one single purpose - I want to make Google happy after all. Yes, I have been recently asked such a question. And it was put in a quite unusual form, I must admit after all. And yes, I am serious here, no joking. That seemingly strange question does make perfect sense, often neglected by the lion’s share of those webmasters or website owners who are unexpectedly finding themselves in dire need for some ranking boost. They are often going out for some qualified optimization expertis just for a quick fix for their bottomed rankings in the list of the search results. At least they believe that way. Returning back to the first question about good SEO consulting services expected by the person for optimizing and improving the web pages, just to make Google happy. Nonsense? Kidding? Nothing to it! The strange request proved to be fairly good, at least for us to make everything about the search optimization even more understandable.

seo consulting services

Optimization paradox. Doing it for people or the machine?

The trick is that ideally backing your web pages with proper support from sound SEO consulting services means making your website purely valuable and user-friendly. From the other hand, however, this point is somehow often neglected by many people. Moreover, sometimes they go as far as to put a merely insane focus on the technical SEO aspects solely, thus having their pages for machine reading with pleasure. However, I’m not sure about that. So, considering SEO consulting services, there is a reasonable balance between live user experience, and “making Google happy.” But how can we possibly find both things at a time? Let’s try to imagine a would-be process for choosing the right search optimization provider for your website. As for good user experience, everything about it is at least understandable. But what questions should we ask to hire the right people who can make the search engines happy at a time? Let’s try see how possibly it could happen.

Put good goals in front of SEO

Imagine you are sitting down with all your crew, as well as your CEO or board team members, or whoever you are working with. Right? Then let’s try to shape the primary objectives you want to get with SEO consulting services. Before you start, why would you want now to have the Search Engine Optimization for your current project? Why do you want to get just organical ranking is the SERPs for the most relevant yet less competitive keyword phrases solely? In what way are you going to make a difference between the true success or your complete failure? Acting that way, and without thinking like a greenie, I suggest using a quite simple scheme - let’s try to weigh some good goals to reasonably put in front of SEO consulting services, against the most common bad goals dilettantes are messing with all the time.

Good goals

  • I want to get more traffic from those people, who are interested in my topic. I’m sure they are looking for it. And I need my website to be addressed to more and more people wondering about. That’s why I need a greater traffic to get in the front of the audience once and for all;
  • I’m doing my best to boost the company’s revenue. Our team is trying to succeed with more new sales. We believe that SEO consulting services are a great locomotive power for pushing our sales;
  • We are looking for a wider market audience. Now our team is working more on a more significant distribution for free trials, sign-ups, and free downloads;
  • We need to build a strong brand name authority for our company. And we have a lot of good reviews, yet still ranking below some sick or poor feedback. We want to push up the right sentiments, and possibly get rid of the worst ones. As we know many people are interested in our brand name or branded products.

Bad goals

  • I’m seeking for traffic, big traffic, even bigger traffic. I need it at all cost, just because everybody wants it, and Google will like it as well. That would be a terrible mistake, a null and void goal of itself. After all, you’d better say that you’ve got some search traffic statistics. If you ear expecting a good conversion to drive the company’s revenue, or something like that - good for you. Fine, that will do;
  • You are thinking about the search ranking cut off to itself. You should never put it on your list of goals, much less to have this far from positive “target” on the top. Usually, it’s an equally bad sign for SEO consulting services. Most commonly, such provider must be just a bunch of monkey business. I mean that it’s very likely that you can see a prompt, yet still brief boost in ranking through some tricky, manipulative techniques or, god forbid, Black Hat SEO often coming with such unfair offers;
  • Your company appears to be involved in a severe market competition. And there is one particular opponent for a particular keyword phrase you want to get rid of at all cost. Should you pronounce it as the company’s real objective, you are moving the wrong way once again. You must forget about the vanity things like that. Only ask yourself - can it drive you either directly to some revenue-generating outcomes, or at least straight to any organizational targets? If you are hesitant, even for a while, that’s not a positive goal;

seo services

Who’s who. Time to check

Well, we are going to skip the second part of our “fictional scenario,” as commonly honeyed words and loudly-voiced speeches of even pretty tricky providers have nothing to do with the right SEO consulting services. Let’s start moving to our conclusion and making a choice - either dealing with that folks or leaving the conference hall on short notice. After all, I believe a short model below can easily work for this.

Have the instant check on your debaters, I mean you can easily get to know about their search optimization company’s understanding and approach to SEO. The scammers won’t get the chance, as well as dishonest agencies, or any unscrupulous providers of SEO consulting services. Be tough and make them tremble by asking the very basics, something like “Hey, I just wanted to know how Google ranks the search results, and what can you do fix them for me?”. Should the conversation be still flowing smoothly, without a hint of even little frustration, that’s great. All you need to hear is the only right answer, such as “Yes, it’s just up to Google, this is how it does the stuff. And here is how our experts know the ropes, and here is how our team is used to do the job, and here is what we can reasonably expect in the long run”. Did you feel the matching style of a purely honest conversation? Then you are free to consider their candidacy for doing all your search optimization, even without a second thought.

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