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Do you have a use-proven list of SEO techniques for off-page website optimization?

There are two general categories of the Search Engine Optimization – on-page SEO (related to all working stuff to be done directly on your web pages), and off-page SEO (involves organic link building, as well as some other actions taken outside your website to boost your ranking position in Google’s SERPs). As you may refer search optimization at the off-page level to creating backlinks solely, below I’m going to show you a use-proven list of SEO techniques that will be much more than that. So, once you get everything done at the on-page level, here is how to do off-page SEO the right way.

Off-Page List of SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic/Rank Position

Social Media

It may seem like a no-brainer, but popular social media websites can become a really good source of gaining better user trust and improving the overall authority of your own website or blog. Given that Google itself loves social signals and takes them into consideration when determining search ranking position of every web page within its index, definitely strong SEO potential of social platforms shouldn’t be underestimated. All you need is to be active over there and establish a business profile to start building niche-related community, in line with sharing great content. Ultimately, that can bring you tons of targeted traffic.

Forum Backlinks

Yes, now I’m going to be captain obvious saying that like-minded niche forum can become another good opportunity to earn high-quality backlinks with do-follow. The thing is that for some reason, forums have recently become less popular for boosting off-page SEO practices. Anyway, even if a given forum doesn’t allow do-follow backlinks, it can be still pretty useful for elevating your brand awareness, in line with pumping extra web traffic directly to your site/blog. So, I recommend you to consider answering questions and commenting on the relevant subject discussions – and you’re done.

Guest Blogging

Although guest blogging may take time and effort to deliver a genuinely unique and high-quality article, posting it on the other third-party blog pages can give you a valuable backlink in return. All you need to add great value to your own site is to find the right blog, which is closely related to your business or main website topic. If you’re willing and ready to invest some time and effort, don’t hesitate to browse for “submit guest blog”, try to find the right place that wants to accept guest posts, check its Domain Authority & PageRank scores – and should it be good enough, you are free to contact blog owner for further consideration. That’s it.

Competitive Research

And here is my last scheme I’d like to show you in this short off-page list of SEO (actually my fave one). The thing is that you can actually benefit from the best link building opportunities, which are already employed by your top successful niche competitors. All you need is to locate a potentially good candidacy and spy on your rival’s website using a broad web analytical platform like Semalt Analyzer, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, or Screaming Frog SEO Spider. All of these tools have got free basic versions that can help you delve deep into your competitor’s link profile, simply and at ease. Just scan the whole website and identify the best link donors with the highest DA/PR scores – and use them for your own advantage.

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