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What are the website SEO services that will bring you a high return?

Those people who are involved in their business marketing, consider investing in website SEO services. As with many different marketing categories, optimization services, changes in SEO world, algorithm updates, and other novelties that appear on a digital market every day, new businesses may feel frustrated and overloaded by information. As a practice shows, keeping up with the tools and trends is a lot easier said than done. 

In this article, I want to talk about what the experts are considering to be effective website SEO services in 2018. 

Trendy website SEO services that will undoubtedly bring you a profit

Website mobile responsiveness, good website structure, and quick loading time

Google continuously works for the improvement of its ranking system. Not long ago, Google incorporated page speed into its ranking algorithm. It was done to improve users search experience. We all as average Internet users know how is it annoying to wait until the needed page is loaded. Users have no patience with the slow loading websites. They can't stand to wait even if the loading time is closer to 50 seconds. Instead of it users will return to search results page and cooperate with one of your niche competitors. To avoid this situation, you need to work on your site speed improvement. To check the current loading time of your site, you can use Google Speed Test. It is free and provides maximally relevant results. If your site loading time is far from ideal (30 seconds or less), you first need to simplify your site structure and design, eliminating all heavy or unnecessary elements. Another problem may be in the quality of your content management system and server. Research your site and look for the possible causes that can make slow down your site loading time. Do not lose your potential customers on a technical issue that can be addressed by a developer or skilled marketing team.  

What about mobile usage, it has been dominating desktop since 2014. All the following years, the number of mobile searches was exceeding the number of desktop searches. Only those web source that has mobile versions may rank high on Google SERP. That is why it is essential to adapt your site for all mobile devices. By doing that, you will expand your business power and attract more customers. Additionally, Google rewards mobile-optimized web sources with a mobile-friendly label, increasing the chances that mobile visitors will click on a search result. To check your mobile friendliness, you can implement free Google mobile-friendly test. 

Video production is what you need to capture your business message

If you are looking for the opportunities to make your brand more popular on the web, video production is what you need. The video continues to consume so much of the time users spend online. According to the industry figures, global video traffic comprises more than 78% of all consumer Internet traffic. Nowadays, nearly the half of Internet users prefer to watch a video instead of reading the same information. That is why if you want to deliver a particular message to your clients or website visitors, you need to capture it on video. What is more, you can promote your band on YouTube and other popular social networks. Quality crafted videos add value to the users providing specific information about the company.

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