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What’s the difference between SEO and SMO services and why should I care?

Taken in general, the modern concept of Digital Marketing is all about customer awareness and increased online visibility. It means that, most commonly, the lion’s share of your potential customers are going to find your online business in one of the following three ways:

  • Your online business is shown up on the top of the relevant search results (otherwise, the list of Google’s SERPs).
  • Your online business is mentioned or given a reference by the other web source or a certain person visiting it.
  • Your online business is already well-known among your main target audience – and people simply go browsing for your company via online search with Google search engine.

That being said, let’s see what makes the difference between SEO and SMO services. First and foremost, I suggest quickly running through their basic definitions. Next, we will review the most common situations when you should definitely care about SEO and SMO services in particular. So, let’s get down to the matter.

  • Search Engine Optimization (otherwise, SEO) – stands for a broad set of the strategies, which are all aimed at delivering more visitors, right to your main business website or supportive blog pages. Before anything else, SEO is meant to improve your search engine rankings in the relevant list of Google’s SERPs.
  • Social Media Optimization (otherwise, SMO) – is often recognized as a separate aspect in the whole realm of the Search Engine Optimization. Note, however, that the very concept of the SMO is sometimes seen contributing to all three ways potential customers locate your business online – in its own way.

What Makes the Difference between SEO and SMO Services

Before anything else, the realm of the Social Media Optimization is apparently revolving mainly around the world’s top popular social networks, as well as their constantly increasing importance to the modern online business. That’s why this separate aspect of SEO is generally aimed at improving the online presence of your business, in line with building its stronger name and authority among those interactive social media communities. Most commonly, it deals not only with Facebook or Twitter, but also different blogs, forums, and probably any other frequently visited places, which are relevant to your main topic or a certain sphere of the industry you’re mainly dealing with. 

Taken in general, the primary difference between SEO and SMO services is that Social Media Optimization is all about building your stronger business name, boosting its online visibility, and finally giving you improved sales potential with the whole commercial endeavour – by way of generating you more leads, followers, and subscribers that are in-turn increasing your net sales. That way, getting assisted not only with SEO but SMO services can help you build both better recognition and user’s trust among your main target audience of still undeveloped customers – to be finally converted into the paying ones. So, as for me, the major difference between SEO and SMO services is that Social Media Optimization is mainly aimed more at getting your business recommended by people, rather than just being shown prominently in the relevant online search. That’s it!

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