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What is the standard SEO pricing table?

What do you think about when you see a well-optimized user-friendly website on the TOP of Google search results page? If this website is your primary competitor, you probably think “What is the price of such high ranking?” Most online businesses invest significant sums of money to be visible for their potential clients. SEO is no more a theme of discussion. Almost all people who work in a digital marketing sphere know that search engine optimization is obvious to run an efficient business on the web. 

Currently, SEO is not a science; it is a sport where those who have more abilities and funds win the game. There can be only one person or team that wins the first place and become a leader in a particular field. Moreover, like in sport, there are a lot of other contenders who can become better than a winner next week, month, or year. 

Many factors can determine your rank on Google search results page. These factors include the number of pages on your web source, your internal linking structure, the number of inbound links pointing to your website, the relevance and accuracy of your content, the nature of your target search market, bounce rate and time your site visitors spend on a page. 

All the mentioned above factors are taken into account by SEO agencies to determine SEO pricing table. The thing you should remember about SEO is that it is not stable and requires constant investments. Nowadays, you can’t do one-time website optimization like it was ten years ago. Search engine optimization world is continuously evolving as Google updates its ranking algorithms on a regular basis that leads to the new optimization approaches and techniques. Moreover, your competitors are also keeping working to become better than you. 

In this short post, we will discuss what the real price of high Google ranking is and what SEO tables exist. 

Is it possible to get SEO for free?

Of course, you can do SEO by yourself. It is the only option how you can get it without any investments. However, if your an online merchant your time is money. While optimization is a time-consuming process, most website owners can afford yourself to concentrate only on business optimization aspects. Moreover, SEO requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience. You need to be sure you do the right things with your site, and they will bring you a definite result. If you are not confident about your skills, there is no point to start as you are risking not only waste your time and efforts but also get your website penalized. 

If you need to control your optimization campaign by yourself, you might still want to outsource some specific aspects that require professional SEO team management. For instance, you might want to outsource your link building campaign or SEO content crafting. Moreover, you will need some optimization tools like keyword research tools, or analytical software. 

What are the typical SEO pricing tables?

As a rule optimization companies have their SEO pricing tables for the services, they provide. It helps companies to set a specific price for a certain package of services. In contrast, custom plans are difficult to rate. Moreover, you will need to change your optimization plan as your analytics keep you informed as to your changing SEO landscape. 

If you want to hire an SEO company, you will need first understand how it works and its primary basis. If you miss this preparatory stage, SEO will seem you something magic and not understandable. That is why to avoid any risks and loses; you need to learn at least the fundamental aspects of search engine optimization before hiring SEO specialists. 

There are seven SEO pricing tables you will face researching optimization companies:

  • Hourly payments;
  • One-time fee;
  • Variable fee;
  • Project payment;
  • Monthly rate;
  • Pay per performance;
  • Keyword-based pricing;
  • Retainer;
  • Packages.

How to determine which is the best SEO pricing model?

All of these SEO pricing tables are good to their own extent. You need to make your choice based on your business needs and your budget. Remember, that leading optimization campaign you won’t be able to get a result within a short period. Hiring SEO company you invest in your future. That is why each year you need to allocate a specific budget on your business optimization. Then you should evenly distribute this budge on each month, leaving a certain sum on unexpected costs. 

You should be aware that all optimization services can be risky. The only pricing model I completely endorse is pay per performance SEO. According to this payment model you need to pay only for the visible optimization result. If an optimization company is failed to improve your current website position, you can terminate the contract. 

Retainer pricing model is also good as it offers the most flexibility to customize to a client’s needs and provides the highest return on investment. I like both the retainer pricing model and the pay for specific actions, which is primarily multiple one-time fees. Both of these pricing models bring a definite result for clients and have a stable price. 

If you have a good and stable income, you can afford the retainer model. This type of payment table is suitable for big online enterprises which invest in SEO promotion on a regular basis. However, if you can’t predict what income you will get for the next month, it might be better to pay for specific actions. If that is the case, you should be more involved in an optimization process and know what specific actions to ask for or to approve. 

Final thoughts

So as you have understood, there is no simple answer to the question “How much does SEO cost?” The best answer is “It depends.” If you want to get the maximum profit from optimization services, you need to take the time to learn the basics of the search engine optimization process, set things up with a valid investment model, and hire professional and experts who know how to make your business profitable.

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