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Is it possible to obtain backlinks from PR10 websites?

Probably it sounds too good to be true. However, everything is real if you have a smart approach to the problem. You need to be aware that there a lot of opportunities to get PR 10 backlinks every day. All you need is to keep your eyes and ears open always continue to look for the new link building opportunities. It is reasonable to try more effective link building techniques than guest blogging or comment links to get high PR inbound links.  

Let us discuss the possible ways to get PR10 backlinks. Some webmasters tend to believe that the only way to get high-quality inbound links is to produce fantastic content. If your content is useful, you will obtain organic quality external links. However, it is far from reality. It will work in the end, but who’s got that long to wait. Another common method to build PR10 backlinks is to create a great content and do an outreach campaign within your market niche asking website owners and bloggers to link to you. 

However, both of these link building strategies are not effective in reality. First of all, it is not easy to create fantastic content providing users with information which they never heard before. It takes a lot of time and efforts to craft such quality content piece. Another problem is when your content is not linked worthy. In this case, you can count on middle or low-quality web sources. Outreach does not work in those situations. Moreover, thought influencers receive numerous requests for link building opportunities every day. In most cases, they merely skip your requests without even reading your content. 

The perfect solution and, by the way, my life credo, is to do everything by yourself without not relying on others. Let us have a closer look at how it works. 

Create your own backlinks 

It may sound crazy, but you can create your own backlinks on other high PR web sources. For instance, I am interested in such PR 10 web sources as Google, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. These sites will allow you to create your own high-quality, relevant backlinks and improve your site rank. You can’t just put your link on these popular web platforms. You need to create a proper, high-quality, and relevant presence on one of these sites and only then leave your backlinks there. You need to create a good profile and fill out it with maximum relevant information. Your primary task there is to generate a lot of content which is relevant to your link. By doing so, you will make your link powerful and contextual. 

On the next stage, you need to create links between all web sources where your page is present. For instance, if you publish a new post on Facebook, then you must link to it from your LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other accounts. And vice verse, so that all pages themselves have backlinks. As a result, you will obtain great PR 10  backlinks by your efforts without spending any cent.  

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