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Enjoy multiple revenue streams with
SEMALT franchise

Launch your SEO company and gain profit in the industry with 270 billion dollars of annual revenue.

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Find out what Semalt Franchise is all about

Since 2013

we have been developing Semalt as an innovative SEO company based on the SaaS model.

Read more about SaaS on Wikipedia.org
Semalt services include:
Progettazione Web
Explainer video creation
Since the moment we started

working on this market, our services have been diligently developed, carefully tested, constantly improved, and rigorously reiterated with our clients to prove that they:

  • give effective results
  • are flexible to ever-changing Google algorithms and marketing trends
  • deliver results by the specified time
Meet Our Clients
Semalt in numbers:
  • 22 000 paid clients
  • 156 countries - distribution of services
  • 120+ employees
Meet Our Team

We have spent millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands hours to develop effective algorithm and profit generation schemes.

It’s time to share our experience with you!


Launch your own SEO company based on SaaS model with Semalt Franchise and enjoy revenue from the first months.

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What will a partner receive within the Semalt Franchise?

  • Semalt clone website with your brand and contacts See example of Corporate website See example of Dashboard
  • Developed infrastructure necessary for the work with clients: CRM, commercial offer generator, white label reports, G Suite business email integration, etc. See example of CRM
  • Integration of a payment system to receive online payments
  • Current language versions of Semalt and/or creation of new ones
  • Special partner prices on Semalt services
  • No maximum resale price for our services
  • The right to choose services for reselling
  • Set of features responsible for the highest visitor conversion on the website
  • Website and CRM system staff training
  • Assistance in handling client projects
  • Uninterrupted work of the infrastructure and all the services of the company
  • Learning materials related to the services offered

Analytics Package based on SaaS model.
Throughput - 100 K keywords updating per day for FREE

For more information about Semalt Franchise, download and read
the Partner Expectation Document (PDF).

Why investing in Semalt Franchise?

  1. We sell our services for millions of dollars each year using a subscription-based business model.
  2. SaaS * is our main hook as it makes users who are interested in our services, return to us.
  3. SEO Trial - 1st month for $0.99 to test SEO quality. Best deal in the market!
  4. We provide not only infrastructure development and services integration, but also daily assistance in handling clients’ projects. Our aim is high revenue.
  5. You can enjoy multiple revenue streams with proper combination of our services:
    SEO, Analytics, Web Development, Design, Copywriting, Explainer Video Creation.
    There is no maximum resale price maintenance.
  6. *Read more on Wikipedia.org
Ready to move your business forward? - Do it with Semalt Franchise

Semalt Franchise provides an opportunity to start your own digital business on the market with 269.85 billion dollars a year.

Numbers don’t lie!

Worlwide 161.77

USA 59.82


Worlwide 194.6

USA 71.6


Worlwide 229.25

USA 83


Worlwide 269.85

USA 93.75


Worlwide 304.34

USA 105.44


Worlwide 335.48

USA 117.53


USA Worlwide

With Semalt Franchise, you will be able to replicate the success of Internet Marketing industry and get profit from the service that every business needs.

Internet advertising has become one of the fastests growing advertising practices. Nowadays, more than ever before, people use Internet when they need to find information about some products and services. If they can′t find it, they will refer to competitors.

What does this mean for Semalt Franchise?

Internet Marketing services are in high demand, and revenue forecasts show that this tendency will only increase.

Semalt offers to its partners’ businesses:

Automatization of all processes

related to the work with clients

Computing power

for searching, processing, and storing data

Innovative SEO technology

for website promotion.

SaaS model and custom solutions

bringing businesses to a new level

Powerful services and
a team of professionals

that deliver results

We have spent millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands hours to build effective work algorithms and profit generation schemes.

Affordable Partner Concept

Initial Franchise Fee


Support Fee


Franchise implementation time

3 months

Exclusive rights *

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*Semalt guarantees NOT to sell its Franchise in the partner’s country

See visuals of infrastructure development stage

Corporate Website
Obtain a corporate website with:
  • Service pages
  • Modern Custom Design
  • SEO and Page speed optimization
  • Corporate logo (by request)
  • Unique content in English*
See page samples
Get a SaaS-dashboard to work with Semalt services that has:
  • Rank tracker to monitor website positions in Google
  • Website analyze page
  • Report center
Dashboard development stage includes:
  • integration of a payment system,
  • rebranding of Semalt services,
  • localization,
  • price adjustment,
  • "tips and tricks" for the conversion of visitors.
See page samples
Manage Franchise-relevant activities with a CRM system:
  • Leads statistics: visits, registers, payments
  • Leads management
  • Email tracker
  • Commercial offer generator
  • Billing process management
See page samples
Corporate Website
Please click the button below to see the samples of the pages that Semalt creates within the franchise.
See page samples

Move your business forward just the way our Semalt Franchise partners have done it.

Enver Talanoz, Moradam company, Semalt Franchise partner


Mooseify is a West European Semalt Franchise partner that helps to develop businesses of start-up owners, novice and experienced online entrepreneurs as well as web developers who are looking for efficient solutions and visitor generating techniques. Mooseify helps to create innovative designs, provides SEO and SMM services for its clients’ websites.


Verimu is a technical company that decided to diversify its revenue streams. Verimu bought Semalt Franchise to expand the range of its products and IT services by adding SEO and web analysis services.Verimu professionals work 24/7 to meet their customers’ needs as well as to minimize or solve their potential problems.


Owing to Semalt Franchise, Azaseo provides the most reliable, reputable, and economical SEO services for customers across the country. Azaseo helps its customers increase their opportunities and boost sales through their business websites. Affordable and quality SEO services getting thousands of keywords to the TOP of search engines increase sales and profits of companies.


Moradam is the first Semalt Franchise partner. The agency focuses on quality, innovation, and speed. If you have an online business and want to be recognized, Moradam experts can make your brand visible and recognizable on the Internet. Moradam can provide SEO services, manage your social media ads, prepare video presentations, and manage your entire marketing department.


Franchising process

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  3. Get in touch

  4. Discuss

  5. Execute

  6. Launch

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