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Incapsula referral SPAM and DDOS-attacks.

A group of online fraud who are trying to make money out of Semalt has recently appeared on the web.

Semalt is a service. Semalt has never developed any desktop software.
We don't provide any applications on our website.
We offer website promotion services and rank tracking.

At this moment our security service detected the following types of online fraud:


Incapsula is a company mooching off Semalt's brand. They truly believe that we launch DDoS attacks on websites of our clients.
They prepared an article where they supposedly reveal DDoS attacks, the so-called bot-nets etc.
If this company protects users from DDoS attacks, they could have uploaded the examples of traffic diagrams for a particular website.
We would like to remind that SEMALT does not distribute any software or applications. We have web crawlers, but you cannot neither download them nor install on your website or PC.



Our security service has recently detected another type of scam:

Frauds offer to download specific software, called "Semalt. SEO. Seo Services. Webmasters Analytics Tool"

Here are some screenshots of what we saw:

Moreover, the installation process implies:
  • checking for antivirus software and its deactivation
  • self-deleting exe file

Some of our clients started receiving messages from frauds where they demand to stop the so-called traffic or they will sue.
Do not trust these frauds under any circumstances! No one can bring you to trial when you jump from one website to another.
If it was a punishable offense, Google, Yahoo and other similar companies would have a great deal of legal claims (some billion of people would sue them every day to make profit).

To sum up.
We do not claim that Incapsula is involved with all kinds of fraud and mooching off Semalt's brand.
Anyway, they are obviously not indifferent to our service and using blackhat marketing.



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