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Auto SEO

Pricing & payments

Semalt offers to increase keywords positions and traffic for the specified website.
Auto SEO is a unique whitehat technology for your website promotion on Google search engine. This service allows natural links placing on the niche-related web resources relevant to your website content. Links placed are integrated into unique content which allows achieving perfect results. Semalt base has more than 50,000 high-quality partner sites of various subjects. Sites are carefully selected according to domain age and Google Trust Rank.
They are distributed according to the ratio:
  • 40% - anchor links; 
  • 50% - non-anchor links; 
  • 10% - brand name links.
These links will make your website grow in Google rankings..
Incredible result at $0.99.
AutoSEO promotion for $ 0.99 is only for one project during the trial period.
The cost of promotion for all subsequent projects is $ 99 / month
Note that we have auto renew payments.
During the first month you get about 20% from the result you'll achieve for the next months.
It takes from 2 to 12 months to take your website to TOP 10.
You should go to the page Pricing and select the tab Auto SEO to order the Auto SEO package.
Choose the required website in the field Choose website and click Quick start for $0.99


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