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Pricing & payments

Discover Full Analytics center.
Analytics package is a complex of tools for website positions monitoring on Google search engine. You can also analyze the efficiency of your website and web resources of your competitors.
You can set a limit for each option. The total price of your package depends on it.
You should go to the page Pricing and select the tab Analytics to order the Analytics package.

The user must choose the following items to form their tariff plan:
  • Keywords limit/daily
    • 100;
    • 300;
    • 1000;
    • 20000;
    • More.
  • Project limits
    • 3;
    • 10;
    • Unlimited.
  • Reports
    • Standard;
    • White label;
    • Full report center.
  • Position history
    • Week;
    • Month;
    • Full history
  • Additional tools
    • Website analyzer;
    • Keywords suggestions.
  • Support
    • Semalt service support;
    • SEO suggestions.
You will see the price for the offered service in brackets next to each item. The price for each service will be added to the total sum, and in the end, the user will see the selected services and the final price.
Analytics package works on the monthly subscription basis. Once you are done with choosing your tariff plan, click Subscribe.
You can also buy an annual subscription for your account and get 20% off: once you are done with choosing a tariff plan, click Purchase a one-year plan and get 20% off!


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