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What are the examples of strategic Internet marketing?

It’s true that one can achieve a compelling lead flow and a truly amazing boost in sales when assisted with the right strategic Internet marketing plan. I mean here channelizing your online campaigns around the best practices of marketing automation, email promotion, web analytics and the general means of CRO (conversion rate optimization), backed with the right online tools to track your actual website’s statistics. So, here is the very basics aking the foundation for the rest of strategic Internet marketing plans and actions. Let’s act proactively and get supported with the following three core aspects of the modern digital marketing - USP, Web Design, as well as the bullet points of the Search Engine Optimization.

strategic internet marketing

Step one - USP

First and foremost, every performing practice of strategic Internet marketing stems from a well-defined business USP (a.k.a. unique selling proposition). I mean here that offering the best quality product or service is always a well-formed and reasonable decision to enter a clear winning zone. That way, you should be meeting the needs of your potential customers, making the biggest possible difference to stay out of the market competition. In case your business is entering a risky zone of a violent, competitive ground anyway, you will have concentrate more on a purely innovative, creative, and emotional approach to set up a more than superior execution.

Step two - Web Design

Having a sound web design should become the first starting point of your website’s strategic Internet marketing plan. Too often, however, many website owners and novice webmasters are not recognizing web design as an integral component of critical practical importance for every modern online marketing strategy. First of all, your web design quality has a direct impact on your actual page visitors, to be more precise, the amount of time spent for the standard consideration before taking a final decision to place their order or make a purchase with you.

All you need here is to make your web design backed with:

  • perfectly spotless and eye-catching visual look which calls to action;
  • clear page layout without overwhelming with too many on-page elements;
  • interesting, convincing and valuable web page content;
  • up-to-date and responsive multimedia solutions for hosting on-page images and videos;
  • robust and well-optimized mobile version for the best browsing experience via portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

internet marketing

Step three - SEO

Handling the right scheme of the Search Engine Optimization is a long-term decision recognized as the core component of today’s strategic Internet marketing. Let’s face it - running a solid optimization is merely the only way for your website to be shown on the top of Google’s search results. Just a cold piece of a rough statistical estimation - nearly 90% of user clicks are commonly found among the top three organic search results. That’s why I recommend you concentrate your SEO works around the following bullet points of website optimization:

  • maintain a 2-3% keyword density with the most relevant, yet the least competitive keywords and key phrases;
  • work well with on-page content optimization (Meta tags, page titles, headers, URLs, etc.);
  • handle a proper action plan to make the best use out of your quality link building process;
  • complete your sitemap optimization to meet the needs of both live users and crawling bots for indexing purposes.
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