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Should I buy backlinks for my website?

No need to say that quality backlinks are more than essential for every website’s success. From one hand, they are among the most critical factors that determine the actual online page ranking on Google’s SERPs. At the same time, backlinks themselves are the backbone elements of every website on the whole. Nowadays, however, a somehow popular option to buy backlinks has become a definitely disputable matter, particularly for online business owners and the lion’s share of webmasters running numerous online projects of different capacity and commercial targeting. I mean now that taking a single decision to buy backlinks is often seen as a use-proven and very promising way to pump more web traffic. Nevertheless, should you just follow suit and buy backlinks for your website as everybody does? Let’s delve into the matter and check whether backlinks are worth buying or not.

buy backlinksBefore anything else, let’s make a clear difference between the paid backlinks and paying for the full-stack SEO services which include quality link building. When applying for any paid set of backlinks in bulk, you are most likely to deal with either personal network blogs, or a massive lot of low-quality links, which are actually nothing but spam by nature. From the other hand, however, hiring SEO agencies providing naturally created organic backlinks within their service packages is an entirely different matter.

Okay, you decided to buy backlinks for your website anyway. So, what’s the problem? The worst thing about these paid backlinks is that under any circumstances they are still recognized by Google (as well as the other major search engines) as spammy and low quality. In fact, such practice is better known as a Black-Hat, or at least Grey-Hat SEO technique. Thus, paid links are most likely to come as among the most severe violations of Google’s guidelines, always failing to comply with the principal terms and conditions dictated by the modern reality of organic search. No need to say that acting this way will lead to ranking penalties by Google, sooner or later. That’s why you’d better forget this too attractive yet still careless decision to buy backlinks for your website.

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Here are several bullet points to illustrate that buying low-quality backlinks in bulk is a thing definitely not-to-do:

  • once again - the first major problem with buying backlinks is that it’s against generally accepted Google’s ranking terms and conditions;
  • paid backlinks in bulk is a too risky attempt, which might as well lead to the most extreme ranking penalties that sometimes result in losing the entire website forever (otherwise, deindexing your domain authority once and for all);
  • all backlinks created for commercial purpose have got nothing to do with quality content, as they are most commonly generated automatically in mass, or in a would-be “self-driven” manner just like any other junk spam;
  • very often website owners are making a deal with too unscrupulous resellers so that such backlinks offered for sale simply prove to be made at random, hence coming from absolutely irrelevant and even not related websites, not to mention the actual authority of the void sources like that.

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