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How I can improve my Joomla SEO Ranking?

Nowadays, digital marketing attracts more and more online merchants to develop their business there. It gives an opportunity to increase sales and improve website visibility. However, it is also a highly competitive sphere, and it is quite difficult to walk through it. Search engine optimization helps businesses to survive in this highly competitive field. It enables online merchants to meet their objectives whether it is a local business or world leading company. 

SEO is a process of website optimization according to known search engine standards. This promotional procedure enables search engines to understand your site content better and therefore give your site a higher rank. Every day, a lot of website owners decide to bring their business to the Internet. The only option to create a site is to build it in the CMS (content management system). The most widely used CMS' are WordPress and Joomla. The popularity of the last one continuously grows. That is why today we will discuss how to improve Joomla SEO to increase your site visibility in SERP.

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Tips to improve Joomla SEO

The following tips will help you to improve your Joomla website's SEO and receive the highest rank on Google.

  • SEO-friendly URLs

You need to avoid using meaningless URLs as they are not indexed well by search engines. If you have long and not understandable URLs, replace them with precise, relevant and readable ones. Make sure you include keywords in your URLs. You can make these changes through a Joomla SEO plugin. Open your site administration area, then follow System section and click on the Global Configuration button. After that, you will see the SEO Settings section. Select the Search Engine Friendly URLs option and implement the required changes into your URLs structure.

  • Google sitemap

To install a Google sitemap is essential as it helps search bots to understand your site contest and crawl all pages you want to be parsed. To improve your Joomla site SEO, you can use a special extension which is called Xmap. This extension gives an opportunity to create sitemaps easily and quickly. Moreover, you may implement OSMap or JSitemap for this purpose.

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  • Meta description improvement

To improve your Joomla SEO, you need to apply meta descriptions and title tags. These metadata give an overall presentation of your website content to both search engines and average users. Make user you use relevant keywords in your meta descriptions. In Joomla, you can improve your metadata by opening Global Configuration section and selecting Metadata Settings. After that, you just need to insert a relevant meta description in the desired filed.

  • Implement a Google Joomla SEO plugin

The Google Joomla SEO plugin will simplify the process of your site improvement as it provides all needed optimization services. By installing this plugin, you will quickly implement all required SEO settings. Moreover, I advise you to use the following Joomla plugin extensions - Xmap, Sh404SEF, SEO Boss and SEO Simple.

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