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How to improve website SEO through blog backlinks?

Some SEO experts and webmasters claim that guest blogging is no more valuable for business promotion and even regarded by search engines as spammy link building techniques. However, do we need to believe in it? Despite evidence to the contrary, there are still a lot of myths concerning guest blogging, primarily if it is used as link building strategy.

There are a lot of proves that show us that blog backlink SEO is fantastically useful when it is correctly used. In this article, we will discuss how you can use guest posts to build reputation, authority, and exposure through SEO backlinks from blog posts.

blog backlinks seo

Myths about guest blogging

There are a lot of experts who tend to think that guest blogging becomes too spammy to build links through it. They do not recommend to rely on guest posting and refuse to admit guest blogging SEO as it is.

If you are an owner of a blog, you have probably received mass spammed emails with zero personalization or intention to create quality content. Some third-party websites ask you to put dofollow links in the article body. From Google’s perspective, you can observe how these links can pose challenges to your domain. The content is low quality, lack of significant research-based information, and is not associated with any real author. The biggest amount of backlinks from such content lead to fraudulent affiliate web sources.

However, in this case, I describe an apparent spam. You can detect this kind of spam from the first glance. But if to talk about subtle link spamming, where the content is quality and research-based. You have any chances to detect this kind of spam.

Google makes an accent on the following three tactics that particularly frowned up:

  • Stuffing promotional links to your site;
  • Articles are written by writers that do not have any experience in a particular sphere and write on topics they are not even heard about;
  • Use the same content across all articles, creating duplications.

backlinks seo

It is a common problem among website owners to hire unprofessional articles that are not competent in a sphere. They are asked to write variations of the same article and spread it around as guest posts. It creates a meaning about guest posting that it is a spammy activity.

However, if you hire a writer who truly understands a subject, you will receive a different result. As a rule, it is seen from a first glance that this content is deserved to get a link.

So, to get a value from blog backlinks SEO, you need to share case studies, market researchers, methods you use in your work and guidelines that will possess a certain value to your readers. Ultimately, it will bring you wonderful results regarding rankings and reader satisfaction.

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