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What are the possible ways to get backlinks next year?

Everybody who works on a digital market knows that link building is critical to success when it comes to raising website authority and getting the higher rank on SERP. If you would like rank higher on SERP, you need more backlinks. Your quality and perfectly crafted content won’t be seen by your potential readers if it has no links. So, quality backlinks are one of the most significant factors in search engine optimization today. All top-ranking articles and posts have tons of links from other quality sources that point to them. Links serve as votes for pages that Google considers authoritative. Google regards pages with thousands of links as more reputable than a page with ten backlinks. However, if these links come from trustworthy well-known web sources, they will cost thousands middle quality external links.

how to get backlinks 2018

We live in a world where all businesses need backlinks. Marketers are looking for them every day, and it becomes quite challenging to stay on the top of this game. Many marketers simply stop their link building campaigns as they find it annoying, pointless and disrespectful. However, it is not a way out to give up. To increase organic traffic, you need to create a quality backlink profile. So, getting backlinks in 2017, 2018 and all subsequent years will be of high priority. There are some unchangeable methods you can use in your link building campaign to obtain a visible result. In this article, we will take a closer look at these techniques plus link-building campaign tips that still work for 2018.    

How to get backlinks in 2018?

  • Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an excellent opportunity to drive new and targeted traffic to your site. It is a relevant and niche specific way to create quality link juice. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to brand yourself as an industry expert and shows users your authority.

The perfect approach for establishing internal backlinks is to create a blog for your site. However, posting on guest sites that already have a high authority and good reputation among users draw traffic you otherwise could not access. On every single guest post, you need to use a custom author byline that links back to your site. It will serve for you as free promotion and improve your brand authority. You write a great article based on a research and as an exchange for your work you receive a valuable backlink. Everything seems fair, isn’t it? So, the primary objective here is to only guest post on high-quality, high-profile sites. I advise you do not waste creating articles for poor quality spammy websites.

how to get backlinks

  • Mention influencers in your posts

I am more than sure that you have faced articles related to top authority persons and your niche influencers. They are engaging and make users click on them. Such articles are gaining in prominence within a short period as they are catching and contain some research-based information. Those who publish such articles do so for a very specific reason. They would like to get more quality backlinks through these articles. So, when you mention a famous people in your articles, you will most likely get more targeted links to your site. One more plus of it is that the mind influencers that you mentioned can share these articles with their numerous followers.

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