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Which Amazon tracking tools can help you to launch your e-commerce business?

Before you get started selling your staff on Amazon, you need to know some basic rules and strategies to become a proactive participant in this competitive ecommerce game. 

Amazon is a global trading platform for online business owners to broaden their customer bases and boost their overall business revenue. However, before you start your trading journey on this fantastic and beneficial platform, let us answer some questions about the basics of this platform and find some suitable Amazon tracking tools to prepare your business up for success.

The essentials of selling and ranking process on Amazon

When a searcher inserts a query in Amazon search box, he obtains a list of the most relevant to his query products. Then he navigates to one of the product pages and clicks on the “offers” links below the product description to observe the majority of available proposals by this product. 

Moreover, Amazon provides users with a possibility to complete for the converted “Buy Box.” According to the statistical data, more than $62 billion sales happen through the buy box. That is why it is essential to know how it works. 

Generally speaking, buy box is a shopping card which is placed on a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process. 

Not all products can appear in Buy Box as Amazon selects only the best propositions on the market to make sure that a customer will purchase it. To win Amazon Buy Box, you need to provide your customers with the most reasonable price on the market, have good feedbacks, free shipping, and quality images. 

It is worth to say that it is pretty unrealistic to think that your site is ever going to get ranked high enough to become the featured seller. You need to work hard not only with your Amazon page optimization but also under ecommerce best practices to win new customers. The factors that can affect your product page rank and ability to win the Buy Box include:

  • Competitive pricing

It is a complex notion that includes both product and shipping cost. It is one of the most significant ranking factors that affects your page rank and conversion. 

  • The best offer

To climb to the TOP, you need to provide Amazon users with the best offer on your market niche.

  • The history Amazon seller has on a market 

Online merchants who have long and positive selling histories with Amazon have more opportunities of obtaining one of the top spots. 

  • The number and quality of customer reviews

The positive online review is another significant ranking factor on Amazon. They have a substantial impact on driving sales and can help you to win buy box. 

Now, when you have an idea of how Amazon ranking system works, you can start developing your ecommerce business on this platform. However, to simplify and automate this process, you should know which Amazon tracking tools can perfectly meet your business needs. 

The best professional Amazon tracking tools

  • Amazon keyword rank tracker

This tool is designed to help you track where your products rank for various targeted keywords. This tracking tool will help you save a lot of time and provide you with the most accurate results. It will also give you keen insights on whether the changes you have done, boost your rankings or not. Moreover, you will be able to track your competitor rank positions. 

  • Semalt Amazon SEO 

This tool is designed to improve your Amazon page SEO utilizing driving traffic to your product page. It helps to raise your Amazon page position on Google SERP and drive traffic to it. Moreover, purchasing Semalt subscription for this tool you will obtain sales-generating keyword suggestions, effective link building campaign and accumulative rankings improvement.

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