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How to dominate Amazon search ranking system?

A high product rank on Amazon is equal to a high amount of sales as the most users click on the first results they see on Amazon SERP responding them as the best quality ones. To make your products visible on search result page, you need to understand how Amazon’s A9 search ranking algorithm works. 

In this article, we will discuss some fundamental work principle of Amazon ranking algorithm and pay particular attention to each ranking factor. 

A9 or Amazon search ranking algorithm

According to the recent survey conducted by PowerReviews, more than 1, 000 US customers start their product search with Amazon. Google comes in a close second, followed by some popular e-commerce marketplaces. Those people who start their products research on Amazon, explaining their choice by available product selection, reviews, free shipping, and deals. 

This survey shows how powerful this trading platform on the web. It provides numerous opportunities and benefits for retailers. However, you need to struggle with your industry competitors to make your stuff visible on Amazon SERP. 

To be competitive, you need to know how Amazon A9 algorithm is working. First of all, it should be noted that A9 is entirely different to Google’s. When a customer is looking for a required product on Amazon, search results are delivered through a two-step process. At the first stage, users receive the most relevant to the query results from catalogs. On the second stage, all these results are ranked according to the relevancy and popularity. The primary purpose of Amazon is to maximize overall company revenue per each customer. If your online store brings more revenue to Amazon, it most likely will rank on the TOP of search result page. Amazon continuously works under its ranking algorithm improvement. Currently, they take into account such factors as user feedbacks, programmatic analysis, key business metrics and performance metrics. 

The essential elements of Amazon search ranking algorithm

There are three essential ranking factors Amazon takes into account ranking products on search result page:

  • Conversion rate

Factors that may affect conversion rate include reviews, the quality, and size of images and pricing policy. If you would like to have a high conversion rate, you need to keep your prices competitive. Moreover, it is significant to generate positive feedback on your products as it gives a notion for prospective customers about your brand reputation. 

  • Relevancy

The primary factor that tells Amazon when to consider your product page for a search result is relevancy. That is why all your products should be maximally relevant to user’s query. To improve this factor, you need to work under your title and description as well as under your listing. All these sections need to be well-optimized and include your targeted search terms. 

  • Customer satisfaction

These factors aid customer retention including seller feedback and order defect rate. So, the secret is quite simple. You need to satisfy your customer needs, and they will come back to you. The more positive reviews you gather on your page, the higher chances you will attract more potential customers to your page. 

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